Ohio University Baker hall

My Dorm is Definitely Haunted

While I’ve never been a fan of horror movies or lived for the thrill of going to a haunted house around Halloween, I do slightly believe in ghosts/spirits. I’m actually a big fan of the YouTube series, BuzzFeed Unsolved, where the hosts often explore an allegedly haunted place. Lately, with my current housing sitch, I feel like I’m living in my own episode of BuzzFeed Unsolved. Although I have not had a direct encounter with a ghost, some paranormal activity has been happening in my suite and my roommates have experienced it as well.

Anton Belitskiy Anton Belitskiy / Unsplash First and foremost, sometimes, in the evening and into the wee hours of the night, we’ll hear the sounds of footsteps––like students walking through the hall and in their rooms upstairs. The scary part is, however, that we live on the top floor of our building. Yes, I know. Spooky.

I know that’s a circumstance that could be explained by us just mishearing weird sounds in our building, but it is still freaky. And there’s more to the story!

I think the creepiest instance of ~paranormal~ activity we’ve experienced in our suite is when sometimes the TV in our common area will turn on by itself––it actually happens fairly often. No one will even be in the room or have used the TV recently.

Girl lying on bed alone Photo by _Mxsh_ on Unsplash Because of these spooky happenings, I have come to the conclusion that my dorm (or at least my suite) is haunted, and my roommates agree (but we’re truly only half-kidding about it). What’s most interesting to me is that I lived in a supposedly haunted dorm, Kilachand Hall, for two years, and I never witnessed anything that would suggest that a ghost lived there.

In my personal opinion, I feel like BU just says that the dorm is haunted to make light of the fact that famed playwright Eugene O'Neill died there when it was a hotel long ago. And if my current dorm is actually haunted, all I can say is that I hope the ghost is friendly.

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