My Club's Annual Culture Show Got Cancelled

I’ve been an active member of BU FSA (BU Filipino Student Association) ever since I transferred last year. I fell in love instantly with the club and participated in their annual culture show ISA: The World Is One in the spring semester.

ISA: The World Is One is a Boston University multicultural show showcasing the talents of the BU Filipino Student Association’s traditional Filipino and modern dances, spoken word poetry, and musical groups, as well as various BU clubs.  

ISA changed my life. I got so much closer to other members of BUFSA (we call each other boofs) and got to perform traditional Filipino dances, modern dances, and music. It was my favorite event of the year, and that’s saying something.

ISA 2019 was the 20th anniversary of the show and you can find the full show here:

I was lucky enough to dance, sing, and be a part of the filmmaking committee. I grew more and more involved in BUFSA and by the end of spring, I was elected to be the Media Specialist on the BUFSA 2019-2020 Executive Board.



BUFSA EBOARD 2019-2020 🇵🇭 Don’t forget, we have our first general meeting tomorrow at 7pm!!!

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Being Media Specialist was challenging, but so rewarding. For my position, every event required so much work, but it was so worth it. BUFSA had a really great year with many events, and BU even got to host District One’s fall dance show, Kamayan.

I didn’t expect ISA to be canceled this year. It all happened so fast. It’s the biggest event everyone looks forward to all year and especially as an executive board member, it kinda sucked that it was canceled along with the rest of the semester, but I know it’s for the best.

I was the most excited for this year’s ISA because I know that I had been working so hard all year and I just wanted to see it all pay off. However, I was lucky enough to put together footage from our dance rehearsals and scripted skits and put together a digital (mostly) full show of ISA.

I loved being a part of BUFSA’s executive board, especially as Media Specialist. I had so many great experiences, learned so much about being a part of a team, and expanded my skills as a photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. ISA is the biggest project for Media Specialist, and although I’m sad it got canceled this year, I am happy that I was able to salvage some footage and put on a show anyway.

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