My Chemical Romance is Back from the Dead!

It’s March of 2013, and the most iconic punk rock band of the decade before has just announced their breakup.  My Chemical Romance defined a generation by giving a voice to the outcast kids. Their breakup was mourned deeply.  

Flash forward six years, and on Halloween of 2019, MCR’s official Twitter announced this:



A reunion show, which sold out within hours. Several international headlining concerts were announced in the following days. A world tour is likely to follow. It’s official: My Chemical Romance has risen from the grave.

It’s kinda funny now. I and so many others took their music so seriously when we were in middle school.  We dyed our hair black with colorful streaks, wore too much eyeliner, and pierced our ears. MCR was for all the weirdos and the losers, the sad kids and the queer kids, anyone who felt like they didn’t belong.  All of their albums hold such a great nostalgic feeling in the hearts of millions. We dreamed of the day when they may reunite, but the thought seemed futile; frontman Gerard Way was working on a career in the comic book industry, and several of the other band members successfully pursued music on their own.  

The fact that they’re back together now is beyond exciting.  And even the timing is perfect. In the music video for “Na Na Na,” which came out in 2010, there are Easter eggs that place it in California 2019. Guess where the first reunion show is gonna be? Have they been planning this all along?!

The first era of MCR will always hold a special place in my heart for a lot of reasons. Nothing will change that. But I’m also really looking forward to whatever they have in store for the future. And the warm welcome they received after the announcement of the reunion shows proves that I’m not the only one. 

Time to relisten to their entire discography, and maybe get that tattoo or piercing you’ve been thinking about. Like phantoms forever.


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