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The Most Inaccurate Stereotypes Ever

Stereotypes. They’re everywhere. We associate things, places and people with the stereotypical idea of them. However, most of these are completely farfetched and unrealistic. Here are some of the most inaccurate stereotypes ever:

1.     College kids have nonstop sex

Although the popular belief that there is no (or almost no) dating in college, the idea that everyone else besides you is doing it every day, multiples times a day with multiple partners is false. Studies show that students nowadays do not have more sex than students in the 80s and 90s. Less than 60% reported hooking up about once a week, whereas back then that percentage was slightly over 65%.  Likewise, more than 15% reported having no sex life in college, compared to 10% back then. In 2012 a study surveyed girls from over 2,500 colleges across the country and found that 43% of these girls were still virgins.

2.    Germans look like this every day

Coming from Germany, people have asked me repeatedly if all Germans wear traditional German dresses known as “Dirndls” and leather breeches or “Lederhosen” around all the time. The answer is no! We are normal people and wear normal clothes. We DO wear this typical German attire at Oktoberfest though…

3.    The French are rude

One of the most common stereotypes is that French people are extremely rude. If you are rude, yes, the French will probably be rude back, but there is no such thing as a universal rudeness. Yes, most French people cannot speak English and might seem confused or “rude” if you ask them a question they don’t understand. Imagine if someone came over to you, tapped you on the shoulder and said something in gibberish. You would be baffled as well. France still holds it’s position as the number one vacation destination and there must be a reason for that besides the endless assorted cheeses and romantic little alleys.

4.     All American’s are fat

Yes, the United States of America is the most obese country in the world and yes, we have more fast-food restaurants than anywhere else in the world, but look at it this way: America is about the size of all of Europe. It is easy to quickly generalize. Montana is the state with the lowest obesity rate at 19%. That is less than the obesity rate of all of Europe, lying at 23%. Yes, many Americans are overweight, but many states and cities (New York City, Los Angeles, Miami etc.) are extremely healthy and fit. The Santa Monica Beach isn’t packed with people jogging, rollerblading, skating and biking for no reason. Just like every state in America is VERY different, the people and their diets/workout routines are very different as well. Don’t be too quick to generalize in such a huge country.

5.     European women don’t shave their armpits

Ever since German pop singer “Nena” flashed her unshaven armpits in her 1983 music video for “99 Luftballons” (99 Balloons), people commonly think European women don’t shave their armpits. While this has a lot to do with the fact that women in America strive for the female ideal of perfection and youth and unshaven armpit would therefore be unimaginable, Europeans (especially in the 70s and 80s) support naturalness. But no, nowadays almost all European women shave their armpits.

6.     Marriage makes you unhappy

In almost every Hollywood comedy we have the married couple characters: miserable, annoyed and living a life with no fun. But is that really what marriage leads to? No, it doesn’t. In real life, marriage is far more beneficial than its stereotype of the “beginning of the end of your independent fun life”.  Studies show that married individuals tend to be happier than singles. Married women are twice as likely to report they are happy than single women. Marriage can reduce stress, increase happiness, and add a more positive outlook on life. So say yes!

Roxanne is a 21-year old Boston University student from Düsseldorf, Germany, who is majoring in Film & TV and is currently completing a semester in Los Angeles, California.
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