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“The Mindy Project” in Review

If you cross Grey’s Anatomy with any Meg Ryan romantic comedy, you will get the deliciously hysterical The Mindy Project. Mindy Kaling (known for playing everyone’s favorite customer service rep on The Office) writes and is the executive producer for her new show, where she also stars as Dr. Mindy Lahiri, an OB/GYN trying to find love in New York City. 

While many are calling it the next New Girl, The Mindy Project is less cutesy and “adorkable”, and more politically incorrect and self-deprecating. In the first episode, Kaling’s character drunkenly falls off her bike into a stranger’s swimming pool, where she promptly starts to cry underwater because she believes a Barbie doll is making fun of her. It’s hard to make this stuff up, but Kaling is a genius at comedic timing and can make any situation believable and true to her character.

The show also stars Chris Messina and Ed Weeks, playing two of Mindy Lahiri’s potential love interests, who also work at the hospital alongside her. Anna Camp, known for her work on True Blood and her recent stint on The Good Wife, plays Mindy’s more responsible best friend. The hilarious supporting cast alone is reason enough to watch, not to mention cameos from fellow NBC comedians Ed Helms and Bill Hader. However, any fan of Mindy Kaling, Kelly Kapoor, or the movie When Harry Met Sally, will instantly fall in love with The Mindy Project – the funniest fall pilot out this season. 

The Mindy Project airs on Tuesday, September 25th at 9:30 on FOX.

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