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Meet Tiffany Lopinski: Your New Favorite Foodie

If you live or study at a college in Boston, there’s no way that you haven’t used a suggestion by the Instagram food account Boston Foodies run by Tiffany Lopinsky when looking for a place to dine.

It’s understandable why Boston Foodies has gained as many followers as it has (89k+ followers), with its appealing aesthetic photographs and reviews of hip locations. I had always admired how simple the idea was, but also how well-executed it was.

Photo Credit: Boston Foodies – Tiffany Lopinski

Now, I got to interview the woman behind it all, Tiffany Lopinsky, a graduate of Harvard University, where she graduated with honors in Government.

How did you get into food blogging and what motivated you to bring your passion to Instagram?

Well, I have always been a foodie, and I’ve loved taking pictures of my food and sharing those photos with others, so Instagram seemed like a natural outlet to bring that passion to life. I had also seen lots of New York-based food accounts, and I loved the idea of using Instagram as a tool to discover new restaurants, but there wasn’t really an active account in Boston—so I decided to start one myself!

How has your brand changed as you’ve used different platforms such as Facebook and Instagram? How do you use each platform differently?

I’ve stayed pretty consistent in terms of my brand and what I post across channels. I just adapt it to what works best. On Instagram, I try to focus on a key dish or get an aerial shot of my meal. On my blog, I’ll post a bunch of pictures to give a more encompassing view of the restaurant. I mostly use Facebook to share Instagram posts directly or to link to my blog.

How do you decide which restaurants and food trucks to review?

Mostly, I try to visit places that I think I’ll like. I’ll often first hear about a place either through an online publication like Eater Boston, through someone in the food community in Boston on social media, or through press releases directly. If it sounds good to me, then I’ll usually check it out.

I also try to visit a variety of different places in terms of cuisine type, price range, and location. I mostly stick to the Greater Boston Area, but I try to cover most of the neighborhood—from Somerville to Southie to Chinatown or wherever I hear about a good spot.

Your pictures always look so polished and chic. What are some of your tips for taking aesthetically pleasing pictures of food?

I always say that the number one determinant of a good food photo is lighting. Whenever I have a chance to visit a restaurant during the day, that’s always my preference because the natural lighting usually makes a better photo. Beyond that, I just try to do my best with having my friends hold my iPhone light! I know some bloggers have more professional lights, but I haven’t gotten there yet. 

As someone who’s an Instagram influencer, how do you decide what brands to work with?

I work with brands that I like and that I feel are relevant to my following! 

What makes for a successful social media account on, for example, Instagram?

In my opinion, a successful social media account is sharing something unique and creating great content on a regular basis.  

What are some tips you have for people who want to be influencers on social media?

My top piece of advice for people who want to be influencers on social media would be to find something you’re passionate about and share it. To me, the best influencers are those who really care and are invested in something—whether that be fashion, food, or politics—and they’ve found the right way to bring that to life, whether it be through YouTube videos, essays, or photos. I think if you are regularly sharing good content, people will find out about it, and if they like it, they’ll continue to seek it out.​

It is safe to say that Tiffany remains an inspiration to those young women who are looking to gain a foothold in social media marketing and will continue to make waves in this competitive industry in the future. Check out her work on her blog and Instagram!

Cover photo credit: Boston Foodies

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