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Meet My Recruiter, Lucy Stowe

After coming to BU and finding ourselves in the same interesting class freshman year, Lucy and I began our friendship. We’ve become such good friends that while conducting this interview, she swatted me away when I attempted to steal one of her fries. When you can be super protective of your food, that’s when you know it’s real. However, I didn’t know that she was in Her Campus, let alone what Her Campus really was, until this semester. She gave me a quick rundown of the club and explained what a great community you become a part of when you join. She encouraged me to apply, and I did, which welcomed me to what will remain one of my favorite parts of college.

How long has Lucy been in Her Campus, and why did she join?

Lucy, currently a sophomore, has been in Her Campus since freshman year. When she first came to BU, she met Zoe, her FYSOP leader and one of the campus correspondents for BU’s Her Campus chapter. They became fast friends, and Lucy spoke about wanting to join a club despite being unsure of how to go about finding one. She told Zoe that she liked to express herself through writing, and how experimented with poetry and creative writing, though she had never written articles before. Zoe said it was no problem, and with Zoe’s help, she found HC to be the perfect fit.


What does she do in HC?

Lucy began as a writer, and recently joined the ediiting team. She’s also a part of the cultural committee, a subgroup on the PR team that produces content about cultural groups on campus. They seek out cultural groups from events on social media and reach out to them, getting interviews from the higher-ups of the clubs and attending their events. This allows the clubs to gain more exposure and reach a wider audience. “People who aren’t part of the culture don’t usually participate,” but by spreading word about these groups, people from different backgrounds now will. For example, her most recent article for the cultural committee was on the BU Egyptian club. She said it was a huge success, and spoke about how many different cultures came and celebrated the banquet dance with the group.


What is Lucy’s favorite thing about HC?

She compared it to a “mini-sorority,” although this semester it has grown exponentially in size. She loves it because it consists of a group of like-minded, independent women who love to express their creativity through writing. The ability to be surrounded by people who share similar interests has provided her with countless friendships.

What does Lucy find the most challenging aspect of HC?

As Lucy is part of three separate committees in the club, her time is spread thin. Additionally, she has school work on top of writing, editing, and attending club meetings, but she finds it “really rewarding” and “wouldn’t change it for the world.” As for being an editor, she has to give each article the time and attention it deserves. If she rushes, she won’t edit to the best of her abilities and she wants to deliver her top work. Overall, she manages, and loves to read her writers' work every week and see them develop their own styles.


What’s her favorite article she's ever written?

Her favorite article happens to be her first article, where she gave up social media for a week. She was surprised at how much of an impact this experiment had on her. She also really loved wearing funky pants every day!


What are her tips for anyone wanting to apply to HC in the future?

1. Express your creativity in your application! Being yourself will make the application process a lot easier, and tons of fun!

2. The hardest part is forming new ideas for content each week. Write an article that’s meaningful to you and make it unique.

3. Keep a list of ideas that may make a good article. Even if it’s a very rough idea, look at it later and tweak it! It’ll keep you creative and on top of your work.


If you’re not a part of Her Campus, consider joining! It’s a great outlet for creativity, and you’ll meet new people that are a lot like you!


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Francesca is currently studying human physiology in the beautiful city of Boston. She loves to curl up with a good book or watch a Disney movie any chance she gets.
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