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Meet Mira Sachdeva—A Member of Suno

First off, what is Suno?

“Suno is BU’s premiere South Asian fusion group. We combine popular American music with Bollywood classics to create mash-ups.”

How did you hear about Suno and why did you want to join?

“I heard about Suno before I arrived on campus, actually. I was interested in acapella, so I looked a little into information for some of the groups to get a feel for what the acapella scene at BU was like. When I happened upon Suno’s page on Youtube, I was struck by how complex, beautiful and unique their arrangements were. I knew instantly this was a group I would love to join.”


Mira and another member of Suno during their end-of-semester showcase.

How many performances did you have over the semester? How did they go?

“Over the semester, we have performed 5 times including a performance in NYC and our showcase. They went very well! With each performance, our team improved and grew closer. We worked hard together, recorded together, traveled together (albeit just to NY), and made beautiful music together. Suno is like “pariwaar:" family. If someone told me that I was going to join a group who is not only ridiculously talented and incredibly smart, but also includes some of the most caring people one could ask for, I would not believe them. But, Suno is just that.”

Does the name “Suno” mean anything?

Suno means “listen.” I truly love the name because it is so simple and direct. Our album, “Iss Baar Suno,” means “This time, listen.” This was the last sentence of the intro to the set that Suno performed last year. It’s really lovely, because not only does it carry our team's name, but asks the listener to really stop and consider the music we created.

What is on the album, Iss Baar Suno?

Suno’s album includes six tracks that are a mix of arrangements of popular English music, popular Hindi songs, and mashups of the two.” (Here’s the link to the album: https://soundcloud.com/busuno/sets/iss-baar-suno)

The set-up before the showcase with Suno’s album pulled up.

What do you wish the average BU student knew about Suno?

 “One thing I wish the average BU student knew about Suno is that we are a team for everyone, not just South Asians. We’re not confined to just singing Bollywood songs. We sing great music and we love mixing genres and styles; it’s kinda our thing.”

I wanted to do this profile because I think it’s a unique take on acapella that is probably not as prevalent at other colleges. Check Suno out next semester!

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