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Meet Mira Dhakal: BU’s Very Own Film & TV Superstar

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Mira Dhakal, a current sophomore majoring in Film & Television at the College of Communication, is doing incredible things for her career here at Boston University. She is heavily involved in BUTV10 (BU’s student-operated media production and distribution network), while also working hard in school and spending time with amazing friends. Here is what she has to say about her experiences so far at BU:

What extracurricular activities do you commit your time to outside of school? 

Outside of school, I am a member of BUTV10! I currently produce the mockumentary show, COED, and am the set director of our soap opera, Bay State.

Photo Credit: @miradhak

How did you obtain leadership positions within BUTV10? How has this changed your BU experience?

With BUTV10, you really do get out what you put in. I consistently came to shoots and tried to help other crew members whenever I could. I made sure people knew that I was hardworking and reliable––that they could count on me! 

Photo Credit: @miradhak

How do you balance schoolwork and your extracurricular commitments with BUTV10?

I’m not gonna lie, it can be really challenging to balance everything I do! That being said, I just do my best to find a good routine and stick to it. I am constantly writing things down and you’ll often find index cards and post-it notes scattered around my desk with lists of things I need to do and events that I have to go to! 

Photo Credit: @miradhak

What advice would you give to freshmen who want to be involved in their sophomore year like you?

Jump right in! Don’t wait to get involved in the things you’re interested in. People at BU are so so kind and welcoming so definitely don’t be afraid to reach out and let them know you’re looking to get more involved in things or are interested in learning something new. When I first joined BUTV10 I remember being incredibly nervous because all of this was so new to me, but I would always volunteer to help or do stuff around set to show that I was working hard to learn how everything worked. People notice! Put the work in! 

Photo Credit: @miradhak

How has being involved in different activities had a positive impact on your sophomore year?

Being involved has given me incredible communities to be a part of! While BUTV10 is great because it’s given me so much hands-on experience working in a studio. The most valuable thing I’ve gotten out of it is people’s friendship! I’ve met so many amazing people through it, and the people I work with really have become family!

Photo Credit: @miradhak

Three things we can all learn from Mira: put yourself out there, work hard, and achieve your goals! As Mira has shown us, it definitely pays off!


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