Meet Miguel Esteban—Engineer, Musician, and BU Filipino Student Association’s President

Boston University's Filipino Student Association (BUFSA) is a club that is constantly changing and growing. Here's how the current president, Miguel Esteban, worked his hardest to reach this club's fullest potential this year.

What are you studying and where are you from?

I’m studying Biomedical Engineering and I’m from Canton, Connecticut.

How were you introduced to BUFSA? What was your first impression of it and what do you think about it now?

I was introduced to BUFSA through an old family friend. I remember when I went to my first meeting, I was really pleasantly surprised to see how well people were connected. At the beginning of BUFSA, I remember not feeling like I was at a club, but more like a community and family. Now, in a lot of ways, I feel the same about it, but I think in the past few years the community has grown and expanded and I think we’ve become even more than I thought we could be when I was a freshman.

How do you think BUFSA brings Filipino culture to BU?

Of course, we bring Filipino culture to BU in many ways, but most notably ISA—the longest multicultural running show at BU. It’s a really great opportunity for us to showcase what it means to be in a Filipino community, but most importantly it shows how welcoming we are to anyone through our guest groups and general members.

This year, BUFSA celebrated its 20th anniversary of the cultural show ISA: The World Is One. What did that mean to you and how do you think it stood out from the past shows?

This year’s show really stood out to me because it’s the most ambitious show that we’ve had in the last four years. Our general members did a lot more than they’ve ever done and I think that speaks to the strength and growth of our club and shows how successful we are.

What are some of your other interests outside of BUFSA?

I love to make music and take photos and videos.

What are your plans post-graduation?

I’m hoping to stay in Boston. I’ve been looking a lot into the field of technology. I think my main thing right now is trying to find a company whose message and motivation is something that I can really get behind.

BUFSA is a club that’s really more like a huge, welcoming family. It takes a lot to be on executive board for such a huge club, especially as the president! Miguel has a lot of responsibilities but continues to help keep the club active and running smoothly!


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