Meet Lutes Bartlett: A Busy Bee Advertising Major

Lutes Bartlett, an advertising major in Boston University’s College of Communication, is already making strides in the advertising industry.

A junior in college, she currently works as the campus director for the dating app Bumble Honey, which a friend got her involved in. She explained that she loves that the app is “all about empowering women” because it only allows women to send messages to potential dates first, and that it’s been an amazing experience working with the platform.

“To work for a company that encourages me to do my best and work my hardest has been an incredible experience, and it’s also enabled me to connect with girls all over the country,” she said.

Over the summer, Lutes worked for Naked, a cashmere company. She worked with the brand on their model photo shoots and even ended up working with four Victoria’s Secret models. She plans on working with their marketing and design team next summer as well.

Lutes only started at B.U. this past fall, transferring from UMass Amherst. So far, she has enjoyed the experiences Boston has to offer, though she admits that it’s difficult to be a transfer, especially one living off-campus.

“My first semester has gone pretty well, [and] I’ve made some good friends. At the same time, it’s been a hard change coming in as a junior not knowing anyone, and everyone already has their own friend groups. I felt a bit lost. Living off-campus has also made it hard to meet people.”

In her spare time, Lutes enjoys immersing herself in art, drawing, taking photographs, and watching movies. She also loves traveling, going out with friends, and spending time with her dog, L.D. (short for “Little Dude”), who she calls, “the absolute love of my life.”

Though she’s still unsure as to what her career goals are, she’s looking forward to continuing her work with the Naked brand, and she says she would love to work full-time for them or a similar company.


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