Meet HCBU's Nicole Silvera: An Ambitious Freshman Babe

When I first met Nicole, I thought she was going to be this annoyingly bubbly person that I wouldn’t hang out with. I was half-right, as she’s an extremely happy person, but she is definitely not annoying.

This South Florida native is the hardest person to keep track of, but when you’re with her, you have her full and undivided attention. This is impressive considering she’s a part of three clubs, works at Agganis, and wants to participate in BUTV10 next semester!

One of the kindest people I’ve met, Nicole’s actions reflect her caring nature. She’s training to be an Admissions Ambassador, in hopes of becoming a familiar face to incoming students and helping them feel welcomed: something that she was afraid of when moving up the East Coast.

She said, “I expected to be the messy hoe who cried all the time and missed home because my family and my boyfriend are all back in Florida, but I found my home base with two friends pretty quickly, and that’s definitely helped me.”

Nicole is also a Journalism major in the College of Communications because she, “hates injustice in the world and so many people turn a blind eye.” By becoming a voice for the voiceless, Nicole wants to create a safer and kinder world for those who live in it.

My personal goal is to get her to switch over to the College of Arts and Sciences, Psychology program, and have a journalism minor: psychology is one of her passions that developed in high school. I also think everyone could benefit from a multidisciplinary education, in hopes of becoming a more well-rounded person and gaining holistic understanding in any and every situation.

One of our biggest similarities is our love for our family. Nicole and I can talk about anything from complicated religious beliefs (I’m not religious but I have faith, she grew up Catholic but doesn’t quite agree with many of the Catholic beliefs) all the way to relationships (I’ve been in a long-distance marriage since I was 18 and she didn’t want to do long-distance but eventually caved). We’ve both had extremely influential parents as well. Nicole's instilled love and kindness in her,  and they had open minds and open hearts. They’re her greatest influences and she’s so proud to be their daughter.

Nicole is going to make a huge difference in the world one day, I can already tell. With kindness and compassion at the forefront of her personality, she’s not only an amazing writer but a wonderful friend.


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