Meet HCBU's Morgan Clark: A Dancer, Political Advocate, and Writer

Here at Her Campus BU we are proud to have a team of people who come from all around the country, even all around the world. One of these lovely ladies happens to be Morgan Clark, whom I had the privilege of meeting! 

Morgan is a double major in media studies and political science. She was first inspired to pursue a career in political science during the 2016 presidential election, which was arguably the most influential election for our generation so far. She believes strongly in the importance of having a voice when it comes to politics. In the future, she wants to work on political campaigns and move to Washington DC, although traveling often is something she also sees herself doing.

Morgan is from a small town in Connecticut, but she fell in love with Boston at a very young age. She knew she wanted to call Boston home one day and choosing to come to Boston University was the first major step in that direction. She loves Boston for its city feel and the diversity that it offers. Coming from a small town, diversity was something she particularly craved and Boston helped her find that. Morgan was actually a reader of Her Campus long before she was a writer for the online publication. She became a reader when she was just a junior in high school. She knew that once she was in college, writing for Her Campus was something she wanted to do. “I wanted to combine my love for writing with empowering college-aged women,” she says. As someone who did journalism in high school, continuing to write was a natural progression for Morgan. Morgan also loves to dance. She has practiced virtually any form of dance that comes to mind: tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, and more. Dancing has had a great influence in Morgan’s life. Most of her time growing up was spent surrounded by her dance teachers and her friends in her studio. “Dance taught me discipline, and how to take criticism,” Morgan explains. She credits dance with shaping her into the person she is today.

Morgan even won some awards in dance. Her choreography even won her the Young Choreographer’s Award at Nationals. She hopes to continue pursuing dance and win more awards in the future. “I hope that my biggest accomplishments are yet to come,” Morgan says, referring to both dance and achievements in other areas. She now participates in the dance theatre group on campus and hopes to become more involved in that. She also has many other interests she hopes to pursue, such as art and student government. Morgan is still only discovering what she is interested in, but she hopes to take on more leadership roles and continue learning more about herself.


Morgan is a passionate, driven, and talented person. I am excited to see her grow as a Her Campus writer and as an individual here at BU!


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