Meet HCBU’s Maya Fajardo, Compassionate Writer & Future Doctor

Maya Fajardo is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences, currently studying physics. She is native to San Antonio, Texas and her transition to Boston and its frosty temperatures have been smoother than expected.

“Before coming here, I wasn't really worried about making friends, but I did have to remind myself a lot that it wasn't going to be like high school and I was fully expecting to be sort of lonely the first few weeks,” she said. “It turned out that people at BU are so open and nice, and I made friends immediately.”

In the past three months, she explains having made so many solid relationships, especially that with her roommate. She describes her roommate to be her best friend. But, she certainly misses her solid support system in Texas, as she is one of few at her school to go so far away.

“If you're from Texas, you don't really leave Texas is what I've learned, and being one of the few who did sometimes felt weird in the beginning,” she said.

Academically, Fajardo is a physics major but identifies better as pre-med. She explains that her favorite class in high school was physics, which pushed her to major in it.

“I like understanding how things work and as silly as it sounds, I like working through problems,” she said.

Aside from Her Campus, Fajardo is involved in a group called the Global Medical Brigades, which is part of a larger organization called Global Brigades that do service trips to places like Ghana, Honduras, and Nicaragua in an effort to help rural communities.

Also, Fajardo goes on a volunteer medical trip every year to Colombia, in a group called Healing the Children. This is where her medical dreams fostered.

“That trip is the single most important thing in my life and is the reason I started wanting to be a doctor in the first place, seven years ago,” she said.

Her general hobbies include: being active, watching television, exploring the city, and partaking in retail therapy once in a while.

Fajardo joined Her Campus in an effort to be well-balanced. As her major requires mostly math and science, Her Campus is the perfect creative outlet for her.

“Writing for Her Campus gives me places to hone my writing skills, as well as just get my thoughts out on whatever thing comes to mind,” she said. “I think my favorite part of it though is the community of girls, which I was expecting to be nice, but not as empowering, supportive, and honestly as fun as it really is.”

Maya Fajardo is an interesting, passionate, and ambitious member of the Her Campus community!


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