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Meet Boston University Professor Amy Shanler, An Understanding Professor & Powerful PR Practitioner

Amy Pavel Shanler is no stranger to the Boston University community. Before becoming a professor of Public Relations, Shanler graduated from Boston University cum laude with degrees in Mass Communications and Psychology and a master's degree in Corporate Public Relations.

Shanler describes being a professor at her former institution as “having insider knowledge.” Being a student here, Shanler feels that she knows the culture of the institution very well, allowing her to be able to better connect with the students here.

As for her decision to study public relations, Shanler describes it as more or less, an accident. She came to BU to study psychology and she had placed out of many core requirements. So, she was able to explore other majors at BU. She decided to take PR coursework, where she found a liking for the industry through her internship.

From there, she graduated with degrees in both psychology and PR. Upon graduating, she decided to apply for graduate school for PR, and the rest is history.

In addition to being a professor and a PR practitioner, Shanler is also a mother of three. She describes motherhood as a tough job, but very rewarding.

As for being both a mother and in the workforce, she explains that it is important to set up clear expectations with her employers about her motherhood duties, such as picking up her children from school.

She explains that she is happy that her children are able to see her as both a mother and a woman in the workforce.

She notes that there is a running joke, “It’s PR, not the ER,” when describing how to balance work life and family time.

When describing her work as a PR practitioner, she explains her encounters with the issue of ageism in the workforce. She explains that by being younger, she dealt with people doubting her knowledge of the industry.

However, with more years in the field, she was able to establish her authority as a woman in PR.


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Olivia Gorman, or Liv as her friends call her, is a sophomore at Boston University. Liv is studying public relations in BU's college of communication. Her favorite things in this world stem anywhere from fashion, to iced coffee, or movies. Liv loves a good laugh, a good book, and a great cheekbone contour. Olivia is from Boston, Massachusetts.
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