Marathon Monday: Spots to Watch the Race!

Patriot’s Day has a whole different meaning here in Boston: Marathon Monday. This coming Monday, April 20th, people will line the streets of Boston to cheer on the thousands of runners participating in the 119th Boston Marathon. Thankfully, here at BU, we have the day off to be able to head out and join in on the fun. If you and your friends are looking to cheer on the runners, you don’t necessarily have to be in the chaos of Kenmore Square. After all, there are 24.2 miles of the course before Kenmore!  Here is a list of the towns along the race route - from the beginning of the race to the very end. Check out a new spot this year with your friends and make a whole day out of it! (If you’re feeling brave, it may even be fun to head to Heartbreak Hill – in the center of the BC fan-zone!)

Most of these spots can be reached by public transportation and have fun things setup around town for the big day.  Especially in towns like Newton, Chestnut Hill and Brookline, there are tons of shops, restaurants and cafes—perfect for a fun afternoon. Watching on TV isn’t the same when you can get out in the nice April weather and enjoy the day off. So explore a new town, do some sightseeing, find a cute restaurant, cheer on the runners, and enjoy Marathon Monday!


The Beginning


(Start of the race through Mile 2)


(Miles 2 through 5)


(Miles 5 through 8)


The Middle


(Miles 8 through 11.5)


(Miles 11.5 through 16)

Newton Falls/West Newton

(Miles 16 through 17.5)


(Miles 17.5 through 20)


The End

Chestnut Hill

(Miles 20 through 21.5)


(Miles 21.5 through 22.5)


(Miles 22.5 through 24.5)


(Miles 24.5 through 26.2)