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The Man Repeller Meets Boston



The most amazing thing happened this past Thursday, November 13th. Leandra Medine, the master mind behind the fashion blog "Man Repeller," came to Boston to add even more excitement to the unveiling of the 2015 Valentino spring collection. 

Man Repeller celebrates female independence and New York Magazine's "The Cut" said the blog posts "all share the Man Repeller attitude: that women should dress not for men, nor even for other women, but for themselves." As I see it, the site is a collaboration of pop culture and fashion put into many forms of social media with a twist of humor. 

After years of avidly following the blogger on social media, I finally had a chance to stand in the same store as Leandra Medine and possibly even make eye contact. Upon entering the Valentino store on Newbury Street, I was immediately in awe of the beautiful spring collection from the simple silhouettes to the pops of perfect colors. I added at least 10 new items to my list for Santa. On the top of that list is a pair of short black booties with the classic Valentino studded straps. If I could marry any inanimate object, it would be those boots. 

To think my magical moment with my new favorite boots couldn't get any more magical, Leandra Medine proved me wrong. She emerged from a crowd of anxiously awaiting fans and graced me with her presence to ask what I was trying on. I repeat. She asked me what I was trying on. Four days later I am still trying to process what happened to my brain when I tried to articulate a response. Out of all of the stupid things I've said in my life, I believe this one takes the cake. I looked up at her and said “boots.” Come on Madison! Obviously I was trying on boots ("Maybe next time think of an intelligent answer that consists of more than one word"). I sat in shame for a bit while she took selfies with fans and conversed with them. 

There was then a moment where she was not speaking with anyone, so I stood up to ask for a picture. I'm not sure if I was able to redeem myself, but I managed to say more than “boots.” I also learned that Leandra Medine is one of the humblest, friendliest, and most down-to-earth people I have ever met. All of her inspiring work can be found on the comedic fashion blog. If fashion is not your thing, no need to worry, check out the latest post "What Your Coffee Order Says About You." It's accuracy is actually a bit scary. 

The moral of my article is that you should always follow Leandra Medine on social media because it is beneficial to your over-all health and well being. Trust me.

Stay stylish BU. 

P.S. My apologies for no pictures of me and Leandra. I was standing directly under a light when my mom took our picture and because of my blonde hair, it created a bald looking situation. I just didn't want to make anyone jealous because I look so cute bald. 

If there's anything I've mastered in this life, it's a successful hair flip.
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