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Local Head Shops for the Boston Hippie


Whether you’re a flower child raised by Dead Heads or just a free spirited collegiatte hoping to bring more positive vibes into your life, the city of Boston has just what you’re looking for: a ton of awesome head shops that sell every product from A to Z. According to students on campus, these are the four favorites:

1. The Hempest

If you’re interested in going a bit more “green,” the Hempest is for you. This Newbury gem seriously has EVERYTHING. Even ask Ester Tuchschneider (COM ’15), who calls it “the place to go” for hemp clothing, accessories, and even body lotions. Best of all, the merchandise is organic, meaning made through an eco-friendly process.

2. Prem-La

A few steps from The Hempest is Prem-La… one of my all-time favorite stores. It’s stocked with bohemian/spiritual décor. This shop has prayer flags, tapestries, and dream catchers for hanging, and both incense and essential oils for your aromatherapy needs. After one trip here, you’ll make your dorm/apartment look and feel like a real hippie haven.

3. Buried Treasures

Just a stone’s throw away from BU campus, Buried Treasures is located right off Harvard Ave. in Allston. Here you will find a plethora of paraphernalia, posters, home furnishings, and apparel. Best of all, everything comes at a really affordable price, which is a real treat for the interesting pieces and products you can buy here. The staff is always engaging and helpful – whatever you want, they’ll make sure you walk out happily with it.

4. Green Side Up Gallery

Next time you feel like venturing down Comm Ave. towards Brighton, take a peek into Green Side Up Gallery. Stocked with items created by a handful of local artists/glassblowers, this store is unbeatable. Be sure to examine the prints and paintings on the wall, but also the intricately designed glassware that you won’t find anywhere else.

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