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Let a Wife Speak her Mind

Ever since the Superbowl, the Patriots have been bombarded with negative press. We’ve seen the drama surrounding Welker’s “butter fingers” and Brady’s far from perfect passes. However, what caught the media’s attention the most was not what happened during the Superbowl, but what happened directly after. Gisele Bundchen, the world’s highest-earning supermodel and Tom Brady’s wife, made a feisty statement that is now receiving an absurd amount of backlash.

As Bundchen made her way to see Brady, she was met by thousands of Giants fans. They were yelling and making rude comments about Brady’s ill efforts during the game. Rather than coolly walk by each and every one of them, Bundchen snapped. She shouted, “My husband cannot f—ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.” Her rant became an instant Internet sensation. Within twenty minutes, it appeared on almost every social media device and news station. The Times and various bloggers released articles arguing how out-of-line Bundchen’s comments were.

It has been almost a month since the Superbowl, and I find myself asking, “Who really cares what Gisele Bundchen has to say?” She made one statement that has now been taken so far out of context.

Could she have kept her mouth closed? Absolutely. Would it have been more “appropriate” to not utter a word? Sure. But this is a dedicated wife of a football player whose team just lost the Superbowl. It isn’t just game—this is what their careers and lives revolve around.

Today, Patriot’s fans are deeming Bundchen as one of the “most hated people in New England.” They believe her statement was directed at Welker’s missed opportunity in the fourth quarter. However, nothing from her statement reflects that. What she said is in fact 100% true—a quarterback cannot throw and catch a football at the same time.

Bundchen was heated, disappointed and lashed out at Giants fans. I say give the woman a break.

If I was in this situation, I can’t even imagine the words that would have come out of my mouth. Although it’s important to keep calm, it’s almost important to stand up for what’s most important to you. Bundchen acted in an unprofessional and inappropriate way. I’m not arguing that what she did was right. But all this negative attention is misdirected and out of control. Bundchen wasn’t trying to make enemies or put Brady in an uncomfortable position with his teammates. She simply spoke out after being confronted by ruthless football fans.

Bundchen may have pissed off thousands of Patriots fans. But let’s not forget that she too, is a devoted Patriots fan. Her husband just lost one of the most important games of his life. What Bundchen said was honest and true, but maybe a little too ill-tempered. At the end of the day, she isn’t just a model. Bundchen is Tom Brady’s wife and she wasn’t going to get bombarded by negative comments. And in my opinion, we should all respect a wife who protects her husband even in such highly-publicized circumstances.

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