The League: An Elitist Dating App

Cover photo credit: The League

I’ve been through most dating apps – from Tinder to OkCupid. In the past, I tried to determine the pros and the cons of each type of dating app; however, the one that I could not seem to get into was the League. The League is a dating app for those who want to date “intelligently.” According to its website, it’s designed for the people who would want to date someone who is ambitious, intelligent, and shares their education level. Given that – it’s made up to be this super exclusive dating app to get onto.

To start with, the design of the app is sleek – it’s all black and white, to the point that your first profile picture automatically turns out to be black and white. You make an account and get put onto the waiting list – where the only access to anything from the app is a forum called “The Waiting Room.” From this, it seemed that some people had been on the waitlist for over a year now. The time that I checked it, I was two weeks in – and my number on the waitlist hadn’t moved. I made a couple of changes to my profile (i.e. made it look a lot more like my LinkedIn than my Tinder) and I somehow got off the waitlist in a couple of days after that. It seems like they scout for more professional people, or so I thought.

Photo Credit: The League

The app only lets you see four to five matches a day – two of which are events or groups. Thus, you only have three “prospects” a day. Each day during happy hour (5 pm exactly), you get more. Initially, I thought that I would probably be the youngest person there – since they seemed to be searching for professionals.

I was wrong.

There were still relatively better people than on Tinder – I couldn’t really gauge what the person was like based off of their profile because you’re literally trying to find someone to date based off of their LinkedIn profile, and honestly, while your major and career say a lot about you, it doesn’t tell me who you are as a person. And I want to date the person, not the workaholic that you appear to be.

Also, if you manage to figure out what the person is like based off of their profile, or just throw the dice and guess how the person may be, the chances of getting responses or someone to even start the conversation are very rare. I believe I’ve only actually had three conversations on the app – of which one was remotely interesting. I’m sort of afraid that if I meet anyone in real life they may just be boring.

My overall takeaway from this? It’s an elitist dating app that judges your professional background like you’re applying for a job – but doesn’t really give you fun coworkers. The app had so much potential – and maybe it might just be my preferences that I set in – but it just didn’t produce the results that I wanted. There wasn’t much diversity in the types of people that you met, and quite frankly, sometimes it’s nice to meet someone you normally wouldn’t have considered (that being said, I don’t mean suggest someone who’s 50 years old).


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