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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

The 2016 holiday season is in full blast! If you still need a few last-minute gift ideas, check out this comprehensive list of what to get all of your collegiate pals.

Most of these items have quick shipping options so you can ensure delivery before winter break comes.

The Décor Snob

This is the person whose dorm room is always impeccable. It can be tricky to shop for someone who is so picky with their room décor, but check out these options:

A 2017 Wall Calendar, such as this one on Amazon Prime, is the perfect intersection of functionality and style. Each month displays a new design along with a day-to-day calendar, and it also acts as a piece of wall art. 

Coffee table books, or more likely ottoman books since college students don’t typically have coffee tables, are always a great option. Urban Outfitters offers a wide variety of titles in-store and online. The décor snob in your life would love a book with an #aesthetic front cover to proudly display.


The Party Animal

We all have a party animal (or multiple) in our lives. These gift options will boost their nightlife experience:

Although they are a blast from the past, light-up sneakers would make the perfect gift for the friend who comes alive at night. This option is affordable, compared to some priced over $150, and can be charged before a night out.

What’s the worst thing that can happen on a night out? Losing your credit cards and IDs. Get your party-loving friend a phone case with a built-in cardholder to prevent such a crisis. This case from Amazon Prime is affordable, protective and comes in a trendy rose gold color.


The Best Friend

You and your best friend know each other better than anyone. So skip the cliché gifts and find something you know they’ll love. One thing that best friends love is spending time together, so take these suggestions, or come up with your own fun-filled day.

Grab your bestie and a face mask, like these from Lush, and have a nice little pamper session before or during finals. Watch a movie, do your nails, sip wine or do whatever it is that you love to do with your best friend.

Or you can treat your best pal to something almost everyone loves — brunch! If you don’t already have a favorite spot, Yelp is always a handy tool to find restaurants in your area.


The Secret Santa Gift/The Office Party

The holiday season is always filled with get-togethers that require you to bring a small gift, such as secret santa or white elephant parties. If you need to get something for someone you don’t know super well, I’ve got you covered.

If you need a cheap gift that anyone will appreciate, offer to pay for a Netflix/Hulu subscription for as many months as you want (usually about 1-3 months would be considered a good price range). This is a practical gift that any college student will use.

Who doesn’t love funky socks? They are the perfect unisex gift and come in endless styles. Check out Urban Outfitters for a wide range of prices and designs.


The Beauty and Fashion Enthusiast

This is the person who is always spending time in Sephora or browsing online stores. Sometimes it seems like they have everything already, or all of their wishlist items are absurdly expensive. Here are a few gift options for that person:

Magazine subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving. Use Amazon magazines to order a year’s worth of the top fashion and style magazines, such as Cosmopolitan or Glamour.

Something that can slip a makeup addict’s mind is to replace their tools. Buy your pal a brand-spanking-new Beauty Blender. Chances are they do not replace theirs often enough, and it’s always nice to give a gift that you know will be used.


The Guy Friend

Whether it’s a significant other or just a friend, men can be tricky to shop for. Regardless, they will appreciate these gifts this holiday season:

Beanies are an ideal gift because they are both stylish and warm (which is important in the winter). They come in endless variations of color and style, so pick one in the perfect color and cut for the guy in your life. If you are feeling adventurous, you can go for a hat, but dudes can be picky with their hats, so watch out!

Winter weather can be harsh on men’s skin, so pick out a skincare kit for your guy. Sephora has a variety of travel-sized and full-sized kits depending on your budget, so pamper your man this holiday season.

Gift giving is one of the best parts of the holiday season, so good luck and have fun! 

I am an Atlanta-raised writer living in Boston. I have had a fixation with magazines, pop culture and styling my whole life.
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