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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Attention collegiates, we’ve got a cutie alert! Meet Koko Sparakis, a freshman in the College of Engineering at BU. After growing up in Brooklyn, Koko moved to Florida before coming back to the city-life in Boston to pursue a career in engineering, hoping to someday be an inventor.

Dubbing himself a “tech-geek,” Koko loves programming and dealing with technology. In fact, his passion for technology led to his new start-up business! Currently in the works, the business will provide iPhone programming to customers, allowing Koko to make a few bucks by doing what he loves!

When he’s not working on his start-up business, Koko can be found trying to establish a new club here at BU. To combine his love for cars and engineering, Koko is trying to set up a club focused on building small race cars, which he hopes to enter into competitions across the United States. He hopes that by setting up this club, he’ll someday be able to compete in the Formula Sae competition, where engineering students from across the county race for speed and efficiency.

In his free time, Koko likes playing guitar, soccer, or chess, listening to Blink 182 or some techno music, and just hanging out. His favorite thing about BU is just the versatility of students and activities. “You’re never bored because between the people and the activities they have going on, there’s always something fun to do,” said Koko.

Looking for a way to steal Koko’s heart? Just relax, be you, and have a little fun. That’s the best way to start a relationship, Koko said, noting that he doesn’t like the whole expensive first date routine. “I prefer a girl who doesn’t have a dream date. The best way to get to know someone is just by hanging out.”

Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.