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Just New England Things (Fall & Winter Edition)

New to Boston or just wondering what kind of idiosyncrasies the area has? You’ve come to the right place! New Englanders are a rare breed of Americans whose odd habits become even more prevalent when it starts to get colder. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a New Englander myself, and these things are just some great aspects of our unique region. Here is my list of the top five New England regionalisms:


1. Iced Coffee. Always.

Photo credit: Delish

Who says you have to switch over to hot drinks when the thermometer dips below freezing? Not New Englanders. It is almost customary to continue ordering iced coffee, even iced tea, in wicked cold temps. Pro Tip: Put a Styrofoam cup over the plastic one to keep your hands from getting chilly.


2. We Scream for Ice Cream (All Year Round)

Photo Credit: Beechdean

In other parts of the country, ice cream is just for summer. Here in New England, it is a treat for every season. It is just so cold in winter that honestly, eating cold food doesn’t change the freezing temperature of your body that much. It’s totally worth it for the delicious creaminess.


3. Leaf Peeping

Photo Credit: Lonely Planet

Yes, I realize this phrase might sound odd and borderline creepy, but I promise it’s not. Leaf peeping is a phenomenon among the states of Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island where you and your family take a road trip solely with the purpose of looking at leaves. New England is famous for its gorgeous foliage, so of course, you have to take advantage of it.


4. Pats Nation

Photo credit: New England Patriots

I realize that every state supports their football team, but as a native Bostonian, Pats Nation is different. It isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. When we won our fifth Super Bowl, the victory parade was on a school day, freezing cold, and in the snow. None of that mattered to Pats fans. Kids skipped school to stand in the snow, iced coffees in hand, and cheer for the G.O.A.T., Brady, and fan favorite, Gronkowski.


5. What Cold Weather??

Photo credit: The Odyssey

One would assume that when it starts to get brisk out, a jacket and a sweater are the bare minimum. Not in New England! No matter the temperature, one always debates whether or not to wear outerwear. Guys wear shorts in three feet of snow and girls try to wear a light coat when they really should be wearing a heavy parka.


I hope that this rang true for my fellow New Englanders and gave some insight to anyone interested in our regional culture. Next time you’re at Dunks, try ordering a cold drink and embracing that New England chill.



Cover Photo Credit: Travel Home

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