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Jubilee Media: Videos For Empathetic Conversations Between Humans

With the school year coming to a close and social distancing still being in place, it may seem as if there’s nothing much to do to keep yourself occupied. If you’re looking for something to pass time, check out Jubilee Media. A video production company based in Los Angeles, California, Jubilee creates “thought-provoking, real, and empathetic videos to create a movement for human good.” Personally, I really enjoy watching their videos because they create a space that brings together people from different areas of life and with different opinions for a conversation on various issues in the world we live in today.

Their videos are not only well-produced, but they’re also really thought-provoking and even made me change my opinion on certain things. Here are some Jubilee Media videos to check out!


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One of Jubilee’s most popular series, Middle Ground, is a series that brings people from opposing sides of a controversial issue to come together and have a conversation based on prompts. From Trump supporters and immigrants to high schoolers and high school teachers, the series explores different ways to have opposite opinions and hear out both sides.

For instance, the video “Instagram vs Runway Models: Can Anyone Be A Model?” brought together models of different sizes and shapes to have a discussion on modeling and the connotations the job carries. It’s interesting to see how they touch on controversial topics such as photo retouching and body positivity through an actual conversation rather than attacking one another for their differences.

Some videos add a more humanizing perspective on certain groups of people that are often forced into stereotypes. The video “Can Rival Gangs Coexist Peacefully?” shattered the negative stereotypes surrounding gang members as members from two rivaling Los Angeles gangs came together to discuss the stigma held against them and reveal their humanity. As someone who is not really familiar with the ins and outs of gang culture, it was really enlightening to listen to the gang members share stories of watching people getting killed right next to them and their fears. Their vulnerability and compassion for one another made me see them in a completely light.


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In addition to Middle Ground, Jubilee also produces a show called Spectrum. Like Middle Ground, Spectrum shines a light on different opinions but within a certain group of people. For instance, the video “Do All Multiracial People Think the Same?” brought together different multiracial people together to discuss their identity. Their conversation brought to the table interesting thoughts on racial issues, such as whether or not interracial marriage can end racism and whether or not it was appropriate to use certain racial slurs. Jubilee even did one on their staff, which had a good mix of light-hearted moments and insight on what it’s like work at a media company like Jubilee.

Jubilee not only produces great shows, but they also have great short films with heartfelt stories. Their short film, Blind Devotion, follows a woman slowly losing her sight as she navigates through her relationship, her job, and her life while gradually losing her ability to see the world around her. The film is beautifully shot and will bring tears to your eyes.

Check out Jubilee Media’s videos to keep yourself entertained while learning something new!


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