Jake Diamond

Jake Diamond is sophomore in CAS majoring in Computer Science and minoring in latin and biology. He is also on the Pre-Veternary track. He is from Saratoga Springs, New York and loves to play guitar, to longboard, play Ultimate Frisbee and video games and hangout with his many friends. This social butterfly is apart of many student organizations. He is a member of the Pre-Vetnerary Society, a member of the Sigma Alpha Lambda Honor Society, a part of BU's Enactus Chapter, and an Animal Rescue League Volunteer. He also works at the IT Center. A typical day for Jake is a very busy one. After attending his classes, work and running errands, Jake makes time for dinner with his lovely girlfriend, Laura. After all that he attempts to do homework and go to sleep while also being there for all his friends when they need him. He is the type of person to drop anything he is doing to help a friend.

His ideal date is what many girls would consider very romantic. “I love wining and dining a girl. I want to give them the best I can offer. I would love to take her out dancing, I've been dancing for four to five years.” Jake is attracted to girls that are sweet and kind. He loves girls that can make him laugh. “More than anything, a person that is intellectually engaging and a girl that is real, grounded and levelheaded is what attracts me.” Jake says. Jake hopes to do more traveling in the future and to go to Cornell Veterinary School.