It's Finally Time to Get Things Done: How I'm Making the Most of Quarantine

We all have a list of things we wish we could accomplish, but never have the time to do. For however long this quarantine lasts, we finally have the time to get things done! So, make a list and have fun learning and trying new activities! Here’s my list of things I plan to try out during quarantine to spark some ideas. 

  1. 1. Learn a new instrument or pick one back up

    Glitch Man

    I have had a guitar sitting in my room at home for the longest time, yet I never tried to learn how to play because I’ve used the ukulele much more often. But no that I have all of this free time, I am definitely going to watch some tutorial videos and learn how to play so that I can be a pro by the time quarantine is over! I also took piano lessons as a kid, and I definitely want to pick that back up.

  2. 2. Learn to cook/bake new foods

    row of blue cupcakes

    I have never had a knack for cooking or baking, so I am trying to use this time to learn! There are tons of cool recipes online and on social media to follow, ranging from simple to complex. Hopefully I will transform from a novice cook/baker into an excellent one! Watching the Great British Baking Show always helps, too.

  3. 3. Accomplish something related to your major

    a hand holds a pen writing on sheets of paper on a wooden desk. there's a coffee cup and a notebook in front of it.

    As a journalism major, something that has always been on my to-do list is to make a portfolio of all of my work. I will be applying to internships and jobs soon, so I will need a portfolio where potential employers can view my work. I am also pursuing a Film & TV minor, so I may also include any film work that I have done. Now is the perfect time to get a head start on your future career!

  4. 4. Start a creative project

    Art class

    Since I plan on following a Film & TV minor and I am also interested in writing, I have always wanted to try writing a screenplay or a short script for a TV show. Now that I have ample time for brainstorming, I think that I could finally start writing something that I’m passionate about.

  5. 5. Learn a new sport or keep learning one

    Taylor Swift Music Video Screenshot of her at a tennis match

    During my fall and spring semesters at BU, I took an extra credit physical education course in tennis! I ended up loving tennis, and I was so excited each week to go to class and learn more techniques. I just recently dug up my dad’s old tennis racket in my garage at home, and I plan to keep playing and practicing so I can be even better next year! If you’re bored right now, I highly recommend trying to learn a new sport — it is the perfect thing to take your mind off of everything going on in the world right now.

This is my list of things I plan to get done while in quarantine — hopefully, it will inspire you to make one too! Good luck!

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