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It’s Cuffing Season! Seven Songs to Woo Your Potential Boo

It’s official everyone: cuffing season is upon us. With the cold weather quickly setting in, it’s only a matter of time until people start snatching up boo things left and right. I know what you’re thinking. How will you ever woo that cutie in your WR150 class? Is someone going to lock them down before you get the chance? Worry no more. Send your class crush any one of these seven songs and you will have them wrapped around your finger for months to come.

"Butterflies" by Kacey Musgraves

This song is all about that floaty feeling you get when looking at your boo. Comparing your emotions for that person to butterflies in your stomach is SURE to win them over.

"Habit" by Still Woozy

With lyrics like, “I could let you have it, you could be my habit,” there’s no denying your intentions with this song. Still Woozy’s funky beats will definitely catch your sweetheart’s attention as well, making "Habit" a definite go-to.

"Celeste" by Ezra Vine

The chorus of Ezra Vine’s bouncy upbeat tune reads, “You’re something out of a dream, messing with my head... I’ve been looking for you,” emphasizing how special this particular person is. Vine’s lyrics are endearing and creative, something your crush is bound to recognize and appreciate.

"Lovely" by Mills.

As you can tell from the title, this mushy gushy track is about how lovely the subject of the tune is. Swanky guitar chords paired with a classic waltz beat makes this song smooth and memorable, perfect for sweeping your boo off their feet.

"Fancy Shoes" by The Walters

“Fancy Shoes” is all about how the main singer, Walter Krosner, wears his best shoes because he cares deeply about what his lover thinks of him. Sending this song to your potential significant other is a great way to let them know how much you value their character. Not to mention, it’s just a catchy and adorable track that will have you humming for days on end.

"Honey" by Kehlani

Comparing your crush to the sweet taste of honey is quite possibly one of the best compliments I’ve ever heard of. If you want to win over someone’s heart, this song is a must.

"Baby" by Devendra Banhart

This is one of the cutest songs I’ve ever heard, the lyrics focusing on how silly and special this person makes the singer feel. One of the lines, “You showed me, a sunset overflowing,” is such a vivid image that I can’t help but love this song’s lyrical ingenuity.

Send any of these seven songs to your crush and you are bound to be cuffed in no time. You can find all of these songs here, along with a dozen other tunes that are sure to win over the heart of whomever you desire.


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Abby Gross is a sophomore at BU studying neuroscience! Shawty likes listening to music, being outside, eating dim sum, and hanging out with neat people.
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