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Inexpensive Gifts to Give Your Friends On Valentine’s Day


            Lets face it; Valentines Day is a hit or miss for everyone. You’re either one of the lucky few in a relationship, or one of the many dwelling over the single life. For the single ladies among us we understand when the thought of candy and chocolate can put you in a slump. So, who says you have to have a special someone to partake in this adorable holiday? I propose that everyone spread holiday cheer by showing some love to your closest friends and roommates. Here are just a few simple and inexpensive gift ideas to give your friends on Valentines Day!

1.  A cup of coffee: I will be the first to admit that I am a coffee addict. So what better way to start your day than with a cup of coffee personally delivered from your closet friend? For a personal touch, leave a cute little note on the side of the cup and decorate it with hearts.  Nothing says friendship like coffee… for those of you who are reading this I like my coffee with 1 pump of hazelnut, just saying.

2.  Decorate their door: What better way to surprise someone after a long day of classes than with hand made decorations. I suggest taping up hearts that have personal handwritten messages. This is the perfect way to cheer up those who are dwelling over the single life.

3.  Movie Night: If the thought of romantic dinners and reservations is getting you in a tizzy, why not spend the night with your closet girlfriends. For a cute way to suggest the idea leave a box of candy and a bag of popcorn at your friend’s door and write a little note saying “you can pick the scary movie.”  

4. Picture Frame: If you really want to show your friend how much you care, why not frame a cute picture of you two. On a funny note, use a picture of you the two modeling your best funny pose. Place the frame on their desk so they can always remember your valued friendship.



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