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I Plan to Be Productive This Winter Break, and It Starts with What I Pack

While I, like many of my fellow seniors, was stressing out about passing finals and graduating on time, one scary realization came over me. This was going to be my last winter break that lasts up to almost a month. Unless I suddenly become a millionaire or a celebrity by the time I graduate, I’ll have to get a normal job with normal hours, which means vacation time that is usually no more than two weeks. I don’t want to live that kind of life – that “normal” life.

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I want more control over my life, more freedom. I realized long ago that I didn’t have to be smarter than my classmates – I just needed to work harder. For me, hard work comes easier than getting A’s on exams. I never worried about working 24 hours a day (a bit of an exaggeration obviously) in order to achieve my goals. Instead, what preoccupied me was that I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do and put all my effort into. I am making it my mission to try my best to find that out this winter break.

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Here is what I plan to do this winter break, along with advice for what exactly you should pack if you want to spend some of this break making yourself better. Instead of taking a week to unpack, you could spend some time developing your goals!

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First, I’m going to keep all my clothes (leggings, shirts, shoes, etc.) to two items, or three, maximum. This is going to be hard particularly with items I love most like hoodies and shoes, but if I’m going to spend my time learning Spanish and Photoshop (one of the two areas in which I want to greatly improve) I can really do that in one pair of leggings and one pair of shoes.

Up next is technology – this goes without saying. I am planning to download all the books I want to read and movies I want to watch before I get on the plane to go home. I’m going to try my best to watch one of the classics like Sophie’s Choice instead of just silly, but stupid, comedies like The Office that we all love. I’m also going to finally buy all of the online classes for the material I want to either learn or vastly improve upon this break.

Finally, I’ll make a plan on what material I want to learn during the break. For example, I will continue working on my Spanish in preparation for my spring semester Spanish class. I will dedicate at least 35 minutes to it – a well detailed but not too overwhelming schedule is key here. I want to know exactly what I’ll be doing every day and each weekend.

Remember, the reason why I said to have fewer clothes or other materials that won’t be able to help you in improving yourself over the break is that the more material stuff you have, the more distracted you’ll be from your goals. Material things are not bad, but make sure they’re acting as a motivation for you and your goals, not a distraction. Especially if you’re a senior, try to make the best out of this winter break.

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When winter break eventually comes to an end, you’ll be ready to start your spring semester with more knowledge and confidence – you can apply these in your job interviews! Make working hard your lifestyle.

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Xoxo, good luck on finals and enjoy your break!

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