I Asked Boston University Seniors About Their Plans for After Graduation—Here’s What They Said

It’s supposed to happen like this: you go to college, graduate, and get a job. But why does no one talk about how stressful it is to actually find a position that’s not making lattes at Starbucks or handing out sandwiches at the dining hall? This is the real world—it’s a career path and a door to the future. It could be what you do for the rest of your life, or it could not.

I talked to a group of seniors who are about to graduate in May 2019. They are all bonded by a common education at Boston University but are taking so many different paths after graduation.

Ben Saef (CAS ’19)

 “I will be working as a sales associate at Toast. Toast provides restaurants software to help them run their businesses. I’m very excited I will be working for a progressive, upcoming, startup in the Boston area. I can’t wait to be a toaster!” 

Sara Ospina (CAS ’19)

“I’ll be at the Boston Children’s Hospital in the Emergency Medicine Department doing traumatic brain injury research for the NFL and NFLPA!”

Cassidy Donohue (WED ’19)

“It’s really scary because up until this point there’s a pretty certain track you’re supposed to follow that ends with college, then the rest is up to you. I’m planning on going to grad school to get my master's in education, but until then I’ll be working as a theatre teacher at a camp this summer!”

Zoe Hawryluk (COM ’19)

“I had the most emotionally, mentally, and physically draining final semester to the point where I seriously considered taking a leave of absence from school because it was too much for me to handle. But I pushed through to finally finish college and be done. With that being said, I’m going home this summer to take a break, take it easy, and continue working at my part-time job at the Gap. I want to spend time with my family and spend time working on myself and recharging my mental health before I go into the real world and #grind for eternity. I’ve been working nonstop in school and really burning myself out over the last few years so I’m excited (and a little scared!) to take my first much-needed, long-term deep breath.”

Karla Carruitero (QST ’19)

“Last summer, I interned at Target Co. as an Associate Buyer in Minneapolis, MN. I loved the people and the job so much I accepted my offer to start in fall 2019! I’ll likely be in the decorative home department because I worked on Hearth and Hand last Summer. If anyone is interested in retail, please reach out!”

Karina Luetjen (QST ’19)

“I’m working as a legal assistant in Cambridge, and while it’s part-time for now, which isn’t ideal, there’s a lot of potential for growth and gaining experience before I decide to go to law school.”

Ben Allen (COM ’19)

“After graduation, I've decided to start work in the corporate world, but only for a year or two. While I'm working there I will be building an online business that can provide me with the freedom I want out of life. Time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom. I’m not settling, and you don't have to either. Everyone going to college deserves to live a life of freedom.”

Congrats and good luck to Boston University’s Class of 2019!


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