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How You Can Survive a Long Distance Relationship in the Pandemic

Long-distance relationships are already difficult without the doom and gloom of the pandemic, but now with prolonged travel restrictions, it’s even harder. As someone who spent their first semester of college in a long-distance relationship, I learned some hard lessons, but also some amazing tricks to keep the relationship alive. 

The most important part about a relationship is the cliché everyone knows: communication. However, this doesn’t just mean talking about your activities for the day or what you ate, especially in a long-distance relationship. It’s hard to feel close to your partner when you aren’t physically together, so more in-depth, thoughtful communication is a necessity. Instead of asking about your partner’s day, ask about their emotions throughout the day. Try to feel connected through words instead of physically, and you’ll notice a major difference in the relationship. 

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Another great way to connect and feel like you’re on a “date” is through the use of streaming app parties. For example, Netflix and Amazon Prime have “watch party” options where you can join your significant other on a nice movie date. Once both logged in, one person will start the movie and you both can play/pause the movie and remain at the same timestamp with no effort! A way to step up this date idea is to deliver your partner some food through any food delivery apps or restaurants so you can share a meal together on a FaceTime, Skype, or Discord call. Though it seems simple, adding little date nights to the relationship really helps you and your partner stay in touch and happy. 

Anyone who has ever been in a long-distance relationship will tell you the truth: it’s hard! The addition of the pandemic makes it even harder and sometimes even adding a little flair to the situation doesn’t help. It’s okay to feel a little hopeless at times or stressed out. The important thing to remember is that you and your partner chose to face this challenge together, and that’s how it should remain. Never you vs. your partner, but you and them vs. the problem at hand. If you keep this mindset, arguments or difficult days will be easier to get through, especially as a team. 

The last piece of advice I’d like to share from personal experience is to write letters. It may sound silly to write anything down when text and FaceTime are so quick, but writing letters is a really intimate way to stay close with your partner. Not only are you expressing your feelings in words, you’re also giving them a keepsake to have forever. I’ve even added my perfume to the letter, small gifts, or drawings on the envelope to make the experience more special. I’ve kept every letter my significant other has ever sent me in a laminated folder, and he’s kept his in a binder. It’s a great physical reminder of your love for one another and they’re always fun to reread. 

[bf_image id="thhxrprkphw47cbht4bfhws"] If you’re struggling in your long-distance relationship, try these tricks, and hopefully one of them makes a positive change. Soon, we will see the end of COVID-19 and we'll all be able to see our loved ones. 

Remember, it always seems easiest to give up, but in the long run, being with the person you love is much more rewarding.

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Brooke is a freshman at Boston University studying Neuroscience with a minor in Deaf Studies. Her hobbies include hiking, making (a lot of) food, watching Netflix, and writing! Her Instagram is @beebedell :)
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