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How to Make Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Are you looking for something sweet? Savory? Well, you’re in for a treat: literally. Chocolate-covered strawberries are some of the best year-round snacks you can have.

As someone who loves chocolate, I absolutely love making chocolate-covered strawberries — especially to share with friends and family. In light of the upcoming holidays, these can also be a great last-minute treat to make with very few ingredients.

And, you don’t have to limit yourself to just strawberries. You can use any other fruit or snacks, like bananas or pretzels. It all comes down to preference! Use your imagination and creativity with these steps; if you do, you will not be disappointed. 

Some say these treats are hard to make, but following these steps will make the process easier! Follow along to see how you can make these delicious chocolate-covered strawberries.

Buy fresh strawberries and melting chocolate

Having fresh strawberries and melting chocolate is key. The fresher the strawberries, the sweeter they will be. I recommend using strawberries that are bought the day of. For chocolate, many people end up choosing any chocolate they see at the store and attempt to melt it. Do not do this. Find melting chocolate wafers. I recommend using Ghirardelli Chocolate Melting Wafers. These are easier to melt and stick onto the strawberries, and they cool quicker.

Rinse the strawberries and pat them dry

We can’t move forward without rinsing our fruit. It is crucial to do this, regardless if we’re making chocolate-covered strawberries or not. Once they are rinsed, get paper towels and pat them completely dry. This also helps the chocolate efficiently stick onto the strawberries — dipping wet strawberries into melted chocolate does not work. After drying all the strawberries, place them in a bowl.

Melt the chocolate wafers

There are many ways to melt chocolate, but the preferred method is the double boiler method. To do this, you need a pot and a glass bowl. Make sure that the bowl is able to sit on top of the pot. Next, fill the pot halfway with water and put it on the stove on medium heat. Once the water is boiling, change the stove to low heat, and place the bowl on top of the pot (the steam from the boiling water is what melts the chocolate). Finally, pour the chocolate into the bowl. Mix it occasionally so it can melt quicker.

Dip the strawberries in chocolate and refrigerate

Once the chocolate is all melted, you can now dip the strawberries. But, before doing that, get parchment paper and place it on a baking sheet pan. This way, the chocolate does not stick directly onto the pan, and it is easier to take the strawberries off. Now, grab a strawberry and twirl it around the chocolate, making sure that most of the strawberry is covered. Then, place it on the baking sheet. Do this for all of the strawberries. Once that is done, place the baking sheet in the fridge — not the freezer — for about 5-15 minutes. Placing them in the freezer will make the strawberries colder. But, it all comes down to preference.

Now, you have chocolate-covered strawberries! Enjoy, and I hope you genuinely like them. Happy chocolate-covered strawberry making!

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