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An internship is a gratifying way to gain professional experience in your academic and career journey, but securing an internship can be a complicated process. During my junior year, I had no idea where to begin. As I repeatedly had moments of trial and error, I secured an internship at one of my dream companies by finding what worked for me. By using these simple tips and tricks, you can get one step closer to landing your ideal internship.

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Brainstorm why you want an internship and what you want to gain. Think of the deeper reasons — aside from gaining professional experience. Maybe you want to network and build relationships with those in your field of interest, or perhaps you want to work somewhere you can see yourself making a difference. Ask yourself what your ideal work environment would be. Do you prefer working independently, or with a team? Do you prefer a more relaxed environment or a traditional office role? Whatever your answers may be, this step is important to stay grounded and remember what you truly value. This reflection can also help you in future interviews because a common question asked during interviews is “why do you want this internship?” Once you are clear on your goals, it can help you in the long run.

Research, research, research!

Use sources such as LinkedIn or Handshake to research not only internship opportunities but companies as well. To stay organized, try creating a list of your top ten internship choices. Make sure you choose positions you are genuinely interested in and passionate about (not just things you think would look good on your future resume). It’s also important to choose companies that align with your personal values; take a look at a company’s mission statement on its website. If the position description or company doesn’t excite you, chances are: It isn’t the internship for you.


Online descriptions can only provide so much information about your desired internship. It’s helpful to message a company’s former interns or current employees on LinkedIn (especially chatting with your college’s alumni who work at the company). While it’s daunting to reach out to people, it’s one of the best ways to network and gain insights into your dream role. Most people are open to talk and eager to take on mentees (remember, they were once in your shoes!), so it doesn’t hurt to reach out. 

Perfect your resume

Make sure your resume is in top shape by having others proofread it. You can attend a resume workshop to find areas in need of improvement and how to polish them. Make sure to tailor your resume to each internship you apply for. Think of a resume as your own personal sales pitch: What are your top three strengths that you can highlight? This is a way for you to show a company why they should hire you and what value you can bring to their organization. 

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Olivia is a senior at Boston University studying media science.