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How To Keep Your Curls Stylish With Boston’s Bipolar Weather

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From the windy days to the unpredictable rain, Boston’s weather can be both deceiving and problematic. But, fear not! We’ve got the ultimate guide to keeping your curls stylish and resilient, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. 

Boston vs. California

Moving from the Golden Coast to Boston, I quickly learned that my curls had to adapt to a new game. Here’s how I keep my curls freshly styled amidst Boston’s wild weather forecasts:

Picture this: colder temps and higher humidity levels hitting your curls like a curveball. Boston’s climate can be a bit of a curly conundrum compared to sunny California. But, with the proper arsenal of tips and tricks, we can conquer any weather whim and keep those curls lasting all day!

Styling: Shielding Curls from the Storm

When the weather gets tough, the tough get styling! Protect your precious curls from Boston’s blustery days with killer protective hairstyles. Think braids, twists, and updos that keep your curls safe from the elements and serve up major style points. 

Dealing with my natural curls became frustrating and time-consuming, pushing me to opt for straightening as a quick fix. Countless dollars and hours were squandered on products that either weighed my hair down or led to headaches from the overpowering scents. I grew weary of the painstaking process of individually twisting each strand to achieve uniform curls.

A crucial aspect of achieving and maintaining beautiful hair is the process of trial and error. What works wonders for me might not necessarily yield the same results for you, but experimentation can lead us to discover shared hair types and preferences.

Design by Addie Abujade for Her Campus
Design by Addie Abujade for Her Campus

Conditioner: Deep Dive into Moisture

Deep conditioning is your secret weapon in the battle against Boston’s dry climate. Selecting the right shampoo and conditioner that tailors to your scalp’s needs is paramount. I’ve found solace in the Monday shampoo and conditioner. Their refreshing, silky formulas leave my hair smelling divine and feeling silky smooth. You can easily snag them at your nearest Target. My hair-washing routine begins with warm water, thoroughly massaging the shampoo into my scalp to remove any excess product buildup or oils. Then, I switch to cooler water while applying conditioner, focusing on the ends of my hair and working my way up toward the roots.

Post-wash care is where the magic truly happens. I prefer to keep my hair dripping wet, ready to absorb the nourishing goodness of my chosen products. A trusty spray bottle comes in handy to ensure my hair remains saturated as I rake through it, separating strands for added volume before embarking on the scrunching process. Once my curls have taken shape to my liking, I set them with a light, pleasantly scented mousse. After applying a modest amount of mousse, I scrunch my hair again, using a towel to gently blot away excess moisture before reaching for the diffuser. Working in sections, I carefully diffuse my hair until it’s slightly damp, allowing the remainder to air dry.

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Function of Beauty

Nighttime Necessities: 

Don’t let bedtime be the enemy of your curls’ dreams! Swap out that scratchy cotton pillowcase for a silky smooth upgrade to minimize frizz and maximize curl definition. Additionally, wearing it in a scrunchie isn’t always bad, as you can freshen up your hair in the morning. 

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Slumber Cloud

Try adding these tips to your next hairstyling routine and see the results!

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Isaira Alvarez, I am a sophomore majoring in journalism in the college of communications at Boston University.