How to Throw a Surprise Party... Sort Of

If you’ve read some of my other articles, by now you probably know that I live off-campus with two girls, Olivia and Isa, in Allston -- “rat city.” Olivia's birthdady was on October twenty-eighth, which happened to fall on a Saturday. In the beginning of October, Isa and I hatched a plan to throw her the biggest surprise party... and we almost succeeded.

First, we ordered invitations and handed them out throughout the two weeks leading up to the party. We decided to host a pre-game at our house starting at 6:30 because everybody already had other parties lined up for later in the evening.

We contacted Olivia's mom, Jess, and she was super into the idea. She had fifty personalized mini champagne bottles delivered to our house. She also ordered personalized cookies with Olivia’s sorority letters, our school mascot Rhett, and cookies that looked like our invitations. Olivia's brother Jeb also helped immensely with the planning. 

Isa and I took a trip to the dollar store and bought $60 worth of decorations, cups, Halloween candy, and balloons. We ordered a helium tank and Scooby snacks from Amazon. Everything was going really well.

Her birthday rolled around, and we all went to brunch together. Then, the three of us went back to our house and hung out. The boy we had asked to distract her from four to seven bailed on us last minute, so we called our friend Kyle, who saved the day. He texted her asking to hang out and she finally left the house at 5:15. Shortly after, Isa and I began running around like crazy people. Our friend Casey also saved the day by doing a Target run, bringing a disco ball, and helping us set up. We stored all the supplies at our friends Joe and Jeremy's house. They were so nice and helped bring everything back to our house. Our other good friend Anna also came over and helped set up.

We were a well-oiled team, getting everything set up for the party. 

People began to arrive, and Isa and I were scrambling to get our vampire teeth on (it was a costume party) and get dressed. Then, Olivia and Kyle walked in. She was so surprised, but we weren't ready yet, so she left and said she’d come back in an hour. An hour passed and she returned to a house full of her closest friends and claimed she was even more surprised the second time.

Although we didn’t quite pull it off, I wouldn’t change a thing. Isa and I are so grateful to everyone who helped out; we really couldn’t have done it without everyone's help. And in the end, Olivia felt so loved, and that’s all we wanted for her on her birthday.