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Karaoke is all the rage in college! Usually, I will grab a couple friends and go to a local karaoke bar, but with the second-semester slump, I’ve decided to kick it up a notch. That’s why I’m throwing my first ever karaoke party! Continue reading to get tips on how to throw your own.

1. Rent a karaoke machine.

This is the most important step when throwing a karaoke party. There are lots of karaoke rental places in big cities with varying prices. However, there are also other options instead of renting a karaoke machine such as using Wii karaoke or borrowing a friend’s karaoke machine.

2. Get fun snacks.

Try to get unusual snacks for when people get hungry. I like to vary the snacks between actual food and more fun candy items. For example, champagne gummy bears and candy cigarettes make a nice pair! A lot of fun, unusual items can be found at the dollar store.

3. Make it themed.

Everybody loves a good theme. For this party, we’re celebrating my friend’s birthday and making it a pink wig party. That means everyone comes in a pink wig! Amazon has so many different styles of pink wigs, and the guys who are invited are so excited to try out this new hairstyle.

4. Balloons!

Balloons make every party better. Again, check the dollar store because they have a lot of mylar balloons that they inflate with helium. I got a bunch of pink and red mylar balloons to make my friend’s birthday really festive!

5. Lighting is everything.

Make sure your lighting is good. Dim the lights, light some (fake) candles, and turn on any lighted signs you may have. Everyone looks and feels better when the lights are dimmed. Also, if you have a disco ball, this party would be the time to use it.

6. Photo opportunities.

Set up areas and backdrops where people can get bomb photos. Think shiny curtains like these, cute banners like this, or some fun garland. Everyone is all about the pictures, so it’s important to provide your guests with a few different photo opportunities.

7. Make it a pre-game.

A karaoke pre-game is the best way to start any night. Plan to do karaoke for two hours and then go out and join more people somewhere else. That way, you get the best of both worlds: karaoke with your close friends and a fun night of dancing with a big group of people.

So go turn on the disco ball, request a song, and sing your heart out with your friends!


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