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How to Take Good Instagram Photos

If you want to make your Instagram photos look amazing, then follow these easy tips!
1. Use good natural lighting
Lighting is a key component in taking a good Instagram photo, so the photos look less saturated. If it’s possible to not use flash, then don’t, because you will start to notice that finding a natural light makes your photos look a lot more polished. 
2. Use the square feature
Instagram uses square photos, so in order to make your entire Instagram profile look more professional, stick with the square feature. You can obviously crop your pictures to fit into a square, but it’ll be easier to just take your photos as a square beforehand. 
3. Find a nice backdrop
Especially for full outfit pictures, find a nice backdrop that can easily compliment your outfit. It makes the entire photo a lot more interesting. It’s good to constantly change up your scenery because repetitive or similar photos could get boring. 
4. Keep photos straight
Try to take photos as straight as possible when there’s a horizon, sunset or wall in order to avoid crooked or off centered photos. It’ll give your picture a more professional touch. Also make use of symmetry when possible because it works very well especially for square photos. 
5. Use good editing apps
Some people may say that having photos without effects or filters is the way to go, but there is nothing wrong with touching up photos with amazing apps like VSCO Cam or Camera 360. You can adjust the brightness or contrast of the photo without ruining the quality. 
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