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How to Refine Your Organizational Skills

As a super disorganized person myself, it takes a lot of effort to stay on top of everything and not go insane. Sometimes it may feel like your life is literally spiraling out of control, but in reality it’s not. You’re just going insane because you just don’t know what is finished or what has yet to be done. Here are some tips and tricks to get on top of your schedule and beat the unnecessary stress! 


1. Get a planner

The first thing you need is one central place that has every task you need to do recorded, including your homework, grocery lists, activities, and meetings. One central item that you can look at every day to see what is on your schedule is the key to revamping your organization.


2. Make lists

Lists are great because there is no better feeling of satisfaction than crossing something off your list. Crippling anxiety cannot get to you if you’ve written down everything that needs to get done for the day.


3. Time management

Along with your list, set aside certain times to do your errands. You know that you have 40 questions of math homework due by Sunday, so set aside time to do 10 questions a day so you don’t have to do that on the weekend. With a Chem test on Thursday, you know you should use Wednesday to schedule a set time to study with a group of friends. Little things like these help you stop procrastinating and get all your work done during the week so you can rest easy during the weekend.


4. Get into a routine

One of the hardest parts about getting organized is forming habits. Try to optimize your time by forming a routine. If you always have an hour break from 11-12, make that your set lunch time. If on Wednesdays you have nothing to do from 5-7, make that your time to do laundry. Forming a routine is a fool proof way to make sure that you have time to do everything that you need to do before the week is over.


If you feel very anxious and overwhelmed, seek help from faculty or friends to try and help you get organized.  Don’t forget to always schedule in a little me time so you don’t go insane. You can always call BU student health services at (617) 353-3575.


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Sally is a freshman at BU, trying to make waves and make it to class on time. Known to her friends back in Brooklyn, New York as the "Dutchess of Cambridge (Massachusettes)." She enjoys writing, painting, good books, and really fire memes. instagram: @sallyelbaz15
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