How to (Properly) Host a Dorm Guest for a Weekend

So, you invited someone close to you to stay in your dorm for the weekend. To make this a better experience for them and to make them feel at home, you first need to make your dorm feel like home. Yes, you can do the standard tidying up and buying a couple of snacks. But it’s so much more than that. For example, make sure you have all your work done in advance so you can give them all of your attention, and you won’t be stressed out after they leave over all the work you need to do for Monday. 

First thing's first: your roommate. If you live in a single -- that’s great! If you’re like the majority of college students and have a roommate, then you should consider picking a weekend where your roommate is out of town. At the very least a day where your roommate won’t be there, especially if you’re hosting a ~special someone~ that weekend. Make sure to get your roommate's permission in advance and get their signature before your guest arrives and before they leave. Your building will not let your guest stay without that permission slip. You can ask the security guards at your dorm where the overnight pass is located. Make sure your guest brings a photocopy of their ID so they can give it to security and still have their actual ID for when you guys go out. 

Once you get all the technicalities out of the way, it’s now time to start the actual prep. If this is someone you want to impress, make sure the room is spotless and your roommate's side is tidy as well. Try vacuuming the carpet and Windex-ing the furniture. Doing your laundry and changing your crusty bedding with a fresh set of clean sheets would be great as well. 

Your guest is probably going to have to eat, so make sure you have enough guest dining passes for them. Uber eats is also a great option if you guys aren’t in the mood to go out to a restaurant and are sick of dining hall food. Also, your guests are probably going to get thirsty during the duration of the weekend, so make sure to have a full Brita Filter and cups or plenty of water bottles. Make sure to have extra food on hand like Microwave Mac ‘n Cheese. Remember: nothing says wifey like a girl that can follow instructions from a box. 

If your guest has to sleep over for the weekend, chances are they’re probably not from here. So take them out! Explore the city with them and plan fun activities so they can explore the city. Boston is a huge city with tons of stuff to do. There are hundreds of websites that can help you plan a great weekend. 

While you’re having all this fun, make sure not to have too much fun. Be mindful of your floor mates as well as your roommate and their property. Remember: having guests over is a privilege that your dorm will quickly take away if you abuse it. Make sure your guest complies with floor rules and the rules of your school (no drugs alcohol etc).

Finally, when they go, make sure you tidy up the room and leave it nice and clean for your roommate. 


If you follow these tips, you will have an easy, stress-free weekend. Make sure that your guest knows the rules of the school and complies with them so you can have more guests over in the future!


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