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How Much Does a College Student Spend?

Have you ever wondered how much a college student spends in a week? I spent an entire week jotting down every purchase I made so that you can have some insight.


  • $16.88: Schwarzkopf Blond Shampoo
    • If you have silver/white hair, you understand the importance of this purchase.
  • $4.99: monthly Spotify Premium Subscription
  • $4.26: Dunkin Donuts Coffee and Bagel from City Convenience


  • $11.22- Qdoba Burrito Bowl and soft drink for dinner
    • Weird fact: I rarely drink soda, but I always get one at Moe’s or Qdoba. I don’t know why, but it’s something I’ve been doing for years.

(I grabbed Basho Sushi Bowl for lunch, but I used dining points- so does that even count?)


  • $5.62: Tofu Frozen Yogurt with pistachios
    • This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite foods I’ve discovered this year.


  • $11.74: Panera Dinner with HC Staff
    •  It was lobster night in the dining halls, and I don’t mess with that.


  • $5.54: Bruegger’s Bagel and Coffee on the way to Class 
    • Side note: do not ever order a large iced coffee from Bruegger’s unless you want to carry around an embarrassingly large cup for the next hour or two. Seriously, it was huge.
  • $9.99: New Nose Ring 
    • I could have ordered a cheaper one, but I prefer my nose not to be green.
  • $39.00: Colourpop Order 
    • Your girl can’t say no to free shipping. Also, my most-used lipstick is almost gone, so time to replace.
  • $2.99: AHS Roanoke Episode One on Amazon Prime
    • The HD is worth it, I promise.

Friday (aka ~PAYDAY~)

  • $28.17: TJ Maxx
    • Just call me a Maxxinista because I found jeans, a bra and a mug for under $30.
  • $8.00: Clover Food Truck Iced Coffee and Rosemary Fries
  • $36.69: Forever21
    • I had to pick up some transistional fall clothes that I know are not worth investing in.
  • $2.43 and $3.36: Uber Pool Rides
  • +$5.00: Five Dollar Bill Found on the Floor


  • $23.29: Food Delivery
    • I was too busy doing schoolwork and readings to leave my dorm, thank goodness for Foodler.


Total Spent: $185.88

Yes, I need to stop spending, I am fully aware. I also have work-study job that I love, and I don’t feel the need to disclose how much I make from that.

This article was a way of showing myself that I need to begin saving my money and to go to the dining hall more often. I am also going to use this to be more self-accountable in efforts to spend less.

I am an Atlanta-raised writer living in Boston. I have had a fixation with magazines, pop culture and styling my whole life.
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