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How to Manage SPLASH!

Despite being held in the midst of all the back-to-BU hubbub, SPLASH! is difficult to miss. The school-wide activities fair sprawls across Nickerson Field once a year, just in time to kick off a new fall semester. Clubs and activities set up shop in rows upon rows of tables advertising for new, interested members. Whether you’re an incoming freshman, or a SPLASH! veteran, the sheer number of people attending the event can be overwhelming. Don’t let the event’s size discourage you from the fun, however. Her Campus’ do’s-and-don’ts list will help you prep, and dive into your semester with a splash! (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

DO bring a purse or tote bag with you. You’ll need a place to stash all of the flyers and information you’ll be collecting.

DON’T forget to wear a warm-weather outfit and sunblock. As tempting as it may be to debut your cute new sweater, SPLASH! is held during the dog-days of summer. Many a collegiette has left sweaty and sunburned.

DO bring a friend. It’s nice to have company while perusing all the activities BU has to offer; you may even feel more comfortable signing up for a certain club together. Just DON’T be tempted to sign up for something only on account of your friend.

DON’T discount any activity off the bat. You may walk into SPLASH! with your heart set on ballroom dancing club, and walk out signed up for video game club or interested in Greek life! Or maybe all three. The options at SPLASH! are nearly endless, so don’t narrow down your choices until you’ve seen what’s out there.

DO remember that the BU Student Activities Office (SAO) keeps a list of student organizations and activities online. Can’t make it to each and every booth? Don’t worry. Just go online to review all the activities, contact the organizations directly, and find information about where and when they meet.

DON’T forget to look for Her Campus at SPLASH! Your campus collegiettes will be there, so keep an eye out!

SPLASH! will be held on September 2, starting at 4 pm, on Nickerson Field in West Campus.

Rep Photo from https://bu.collegiatelink.net/organization/studentactivitiesoffice/calen….


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