How to Give the Best Gifts this Holiday Season

The older I get, the more I resonate with people who say that they like to give gifts more than receive them. The gratification that comes with handing somebody a gift that you truly believe they’ll love, and seeing that they truly love it, is the best. However, it can be tricky to know what to buy people without being cliché or spending a ton of money. Here are a few tips for being a great gift-giver, because it’s a skill we all wish we had!


1. Shop throughout the year. 

Although it’s a little too late this year, with the holidays quickly approaching, shopping year-round ensures that you won’t give your friend the gift that four other people have already given them. It boosts your chances of providing unique gifts to the ones you love. Don’t limit yourself to the only options that stores have in November and December. If you see something in July that you think your friend will like, don't hesitate to buy it then! 


2. Listen closely.

Don’t simply rely on the Christmas list your friend gives you for ideas. Try to pay attention to the things they’re wishing for throughout the year. It is so much more thoughtful to give somebody a gift and say, “Hey, I remember you mentioning this a few months ago,” than, “Hey, you put this on your list, so I bought it.” It takes a little bit more effort and attention but is so worth it. 


3. Try giving non-tangible gifts.

Give the gift of an experience! For example, instead of giving somebody a gift set from Bath and Body Works, give them a gift card to a spa, instead. 


4. Subscription boxes.

This is the gift that keeps on giving. I was gifted a Birchbox subscription last year and each month it’s like Christmas all over again! If you gift somebody a subscription, each time they get a new package, they’ll think of you!


5. If you’re stuck, ask people that they’re close to.

Asking family and friends what to get for somebody is really helpful. That added insight from loved ones is valuable and shows that you put a lot of effort into getting them what they truly want. 


6. Give something you can both do together.

Something like theater or sports tickets lets the person know that you value their friendship and want to spend more time together!


Remember, if you're stuck looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, stick to gifts that are personal, thoughtful, and memorable. Happy Holidays and HCXO!


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