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How to Get Refocused After Spring Break and Finish Strong


There’s no denying it is a huge struggle to get back into the swing of school after a break–and spring break is no exception! Whether you went home or went away and relaxed without a care in the world, the reality of school work likely hit you right in the face upon your return. Getting refocused is no easy task, but it’s crazy to think there’s only six weeks left in the semester. So now is the time to buckle down and finish strong! Here are some easy steps to ease the pain of getting back into school and to help you refocus and get this semester done right! 


Don’t Procrastinate

Sure it’s easier said than done, but getting your work done early and not putting it off is a huge step in the right direction. You’ll feel so much better if you start a project in advance and do little bits at a time so you aren’t pulling an all-nighter the night before an assignment is due. Likely, not only procrastinating cause you added, unnecessary stress, but you will probably not end up not getting a grade you would have hoped to recieve. When you get an assignment set some goals for yourself and get certain steps done by certain dates. Usually there are a few more midterms and exams before finals time so getting yourself organized now is a great way to avoid stress and bad grades. 


Don’t Get Overwhelmed 

If you procrastinate or start to slack off a little, you’ll be stressed and overwhelmed–two things that collegiettes are far too familiar with. This often leads to lack of sleep, increase of caffeine intake, grade slippage and an overall grouchier you. It’s getting nice outside – be happy! Take things one day or one week at a time. Look ahead to see what’s coming so you’re prepared, but don’t get too worked up over projects and presentations that are weeks away. Know what needs to get accomplished and what needs your most attention. Focus on those things first, then prepare for things farther into the future so those things don’t overwhelm you when they get closer. 


Get Organized 

Clean up your room, your desk, and your workspace. Make sure your calendar has all important due dates on it and have some sticky notes handy to remind yourself of anything important. It doesn’t hurt to refresh yourself with class syllabi too because you don’t want things to pop up unexpectedly when you weren’t expecting them! 


Get Help 

Usually right before spring break you’re loaded with projects, presentations and midterms and you start to get everything back graded once you get back. Whether you’re happy or unhappy with what you get on things, don’t waste time meeting with TFs or even your professors. If you thought you really understood something and bombed the midterm, talk to the professor about how you can improve for the next midterm or even for the final. The professor will like that you’re taking the initiative to improve and you’ll definitely benefit from getting the help. 


Get a Change of Scenery

Spring is definitely on its way into Boston (Finally!) so mix up your study scene and find a new place to hang. Maybe a new coffee shop that has an outdoor patio for when it gets warmer or even just pick a new library spot. This will help you avoid getting bored and getting into a rut where you’re stressed and bored with everything around you.

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