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Although Women’s History Month was in March, it is important for us to celebrate women every month of the year. After all, activism should always extend beyond one specific day or month. Especially with the gender-based violence tragedies coming to light through social media in recent weeks, it has been a difficult time for women throughout the world. In light of this tough time, we must come together to empower, represent, and support the women in our lives. And, we must look inward and give ourselves love too. We must remind ourselves that we are strong, passionate, and resilient individuals who have accomplished amazing things. But, what exactly does being a strong woman mean?

First, being a strong woman can mean different things to different people. There isn’t one specific definition for what it looks like to feel empowered. For example, some women may feel their strongest when they are wearing a mini dress and heels. Others may feel their strongest when they are in business attire from head to toe. At the end of the day, being strong is what makes you feel like your best and happiest self.

How can you best support the women in your life to make them feel their strongest? Here are three ways to get started: 

Educate Yourself and Others

Education is key. In fact, I believe the most effective way to empathize with others is to educate yourself on their lives, histories, and the issues they face on a daily basis. So, read a biography on a woman that you find inspiring! Watch the news and keep yourself updated with what is going on in the world. Be aware of the issues that women around the world face. Read about ways to support empowering female-focused organizations, and do research on the work they are doing. Get involved in local organizations dedicated to optimizing female representation in the workplace. Join a female-run club. And lastly, share what you have learned with friends, family, and others on social media. After all, one of the main ways that people fall into ignorance is through a lack of education.

Support Female-Owned Businesses

Another very meaningful way to empower the women in your community is by supporting their work. Whether that be shopping at a local female-owned bookstore or reading a female-run publication, you can support women’s products in several ways. With social media, it has become more accessible than ever to find and support these businesses. Women-owned brands exist in fashion, fitness, education, and more, so you can support the businesses that speak to you.

Remember that Activism is Intersectional

Lastly, it is imperative to keep intersectionality in mind when you are celebrating and empowering the women in your life. For example, the American feminist movement has largely targeted white women, even though America is filled with women of all backgrounds and races. As you’re educating yourself, read about the specific gender-based issues that Black women, immigrant women, and Native American women face. Extend your activism beyond one specific race or area of the world. Remember that gender-based violence is a global issue. To tackle it, we must come together to acknowledge and represent diversity.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the ways you can support the women in your life. But, these are great ways to get started! At its core, being a strong woman means being your true, authentic self. What makes you feel strongest?

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Wish Pandey is a sophomore at Boston University studying on the pre-law track. This year, she is an editor for HerCampus BU. Outside of writing, Wish loves to travel and attend concerts!
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