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How to be a VS Angel off the Runway

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

There is no denying the energy that radiates from the VS Angels as they strut their way down the runway every annual show.  While we think it would be so fun to dance down the runway in our undies with our best gal pals, we know that not everyone can be a literal VS Angel.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t be an Angel at heart.  We thought up the perfect list of essentials to be an Angel in your day to day life.

1. Be Confident!

We can’t stress it enough! It’s evident that the VS Angels are glowing with confidence.  Who wouldn’t be.  But remember that you are beautiful, too.  Every step you take should be an emblem of the beautiful, powerful you!

2. Show it off

Don’t forget to show off what you’ve got!  Born with curvy hips?  Strut that stuff!  Perfect smile?  Let it shine!  Long, shiny hair?  Let it move with the wind. Everyone looks different.  That’s what makes us interesting and unique.  Be proud of what your mama gave ya, and don’t hesitate to show it off!

3. Dress it up a little

Every VS Angel is done up with shimmery wings, and a silky, striped robe.  Now we aren’t saying you should wake up extra early to do your hair or spend extra on luxury clothing, but make time for yourself.  Need a girl’s day?  Get a quick manicure.  Don’t hesitate to wear that bright red lipstick sitting in your drawer.  And don’t hesitate to rock it.

Celia is a freshman at Boston University in the College of Communication.  She is currently undecided but is interested in Public Relations and Mass Communication.  Her outside interests include fashion, fitness, and fine dining.  When she is not studying or working for HerCampus, she spends her time filming and editing YouTube videos for her fashion and lifestyle channel.  She hopes to someday be a celebrity event planner or host her own talk show.  In the meantime, she plans to take in college one day at a time. Check out Celia's YouTube channel and follow her on Twitter.www.youtube.com/user/StyleMeCeliaTwitter: @stylemecelia
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.