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How A BU Cheerleader Maintains 24-Hour Hydration on Game Day With the Nutritious Collection From Estée Lauder

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Under that bold red lip and those defined cheekbones, how do the Boston University cheerleaders look so stunning on the sidelines even after long days of practice and games!

Well, makeup artists all say that the key to a good base is skin prep, so before I put on any makeup, I like to go in with a creamy moisturizer — like the Radiant Essence Lotion from Estée Lauder’s Nutritious Line — to make sure my makeup doesn’t separate. If cheerleaders skip this skin prep step, our makeup will either separate, crack, or just slide off! And, since a lot of our games are broadcasted on television, we can’t afford to have makeup sliding off or smudging.

The Radiant Essence Lotion is not only a great prep for our skin before a game, though — it’s also a nutrient-rich hydrating infusion that helps prevent redness and provides a strong, oil-controlled base. This is especially a must for daily use since it also minimizes the appearance of pores by around 31%, which is key for the flawless complexion that BU cheerleaders strive to have! 

Cheerleaders Holding Estée Lauder Nutritious Skincare
Original photo by Melanie Lin

Since the Radiant Essence Lotion is a thinner substance, I like to follow it with a hydrating serum before adding another product from Estée Lauder’s Nutritious line — the Melting Soft Crème.

I like to use the Melting Soft Crème as a moisturizer, but if you apply a thin layer over your skin once a week without patting it in, it can also be a hydrating mask! When you use it as a moisturizer before makeup, however, it reduces pore appearance and helps with oil control. As a primer, it helps smooth the appearance of the skin. And, because Boston’s winter weather is so dry and generally inconsistent, the Melting Soft Crème is perfect for maintaining my skin barrier.

Cheerleaders Holding Estée Lauder Nutritious Skincare
Original photo by Melanie Lin

Whether you’re a BU cheerleader or not, these extremely versatile products will help you achieve a flawless look within a matter of weeks!

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