Hey Fashionistas, Shop These 2019 Holiday Trends…

With cold weather, holiday shopping, and festive parties come the trends of the festive season. Best-dressed fashionistas are out and about scouring the stores for trend-worthy holiday pieces. Whether it’s a gift for others or for yourself, these trends won't disappoint. Plus, there's no better time of year where you can dress to DAZZLE... 


    Dress like its New Year’s Eve! Designers have brought back the sparkle. There's a great variety of sequined apparel and accessories available, so get looking! The brighter and bolder the sequins, THE BETTER! It's not only a fun trend to incorporate into your wardrobe but also a great pick for festive holiday parties. 

  2. 2. VELVETS 

    Bring on the velvet! Its fuzzy and shiny appearance makes it a perfect fit for the chilly holiday season. Black velvet tops are a great investment piece and use of this traditional holiday trend. But, this season seems to be redefining velvet with all sorts of color pops: from hot pink to evergreen, and even shimmery velvets. 


    This year, the silky dress made an entrance. Its surge in popularity, however, doesn't make it less of a holiday trend. Other adaptations of this timeless trend are the silky top or skirt. During the holiday season, it’s a great way to dress up a traditional outfit, such as the post-work office party. 


    Big and bright earrings are IN! Whether they are plain or sparkled, use big earrings to bring a pop to your look. Pair them with a plain outfit to make a statement, or as garnish for an already fabulous look. Statement earrings make the perfect gift and are an easy way to integrate a holiday trend into your existing closet.


    Patterned tights have made a comeback this winter. They are an easy way to spruce up an outfit and add some texture. From floral to geometric patterns, they are cute, comfortable, and an easy way to stay warm. My favorites are the polka dot tights (easy to pair with any solid dress) or the zig-zag patterned ones. 

  6. 6. HEADBANDS 

    Yes, you heard that right, Blair Waldorf fashion fans: the headband is back, and acceptable to be styled. On warmer days, trade out your cozy beanie for a cute headband or hair scarf. They are a simple and chic way to integrate holiday trends in your daily apparel.

These holiday trends ought to make you the best-dressed guest at every holiday party... and the best gift-giver too. 


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