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Halloweekend: Being Prepared

While last weekend you probably were carving pumpkins or shopping for your best costume ever, this weekend is reserved for “trick-or-treating.” I’m referring to Halloweekend, which is the weekend before, the week of, Halloween, and typically several days afterwards. Although this time can be a fabulous way to stun people with your creative costume ideas, other parts of the weekend may be trickier than a treat. Whether this is your first Halloweekend in Boston or simply another for the books, below is my list of essentials for the Halloweekend festivities!


 Before going out:

  1. Eat a square meal! According to Student Health Services, “Food in the stomach slows the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.”
  2. Safety first! Set up an account with Uber or Lyft, both of which you can download in the app store for Android and iPhones. Remember, the T closes at 12:30 AM, so be sure to save reliable cab numbers in your phone or download those apps! Make sure if you do choose to take a cab, that you call a cab company that is well-known for their safety and service. It is important to be cautious of fraudulent cab companies
  3. In addition to setting up a plan of getting back “home,” grab a group of friends who will stay with you from start to finish. Never travel alone at night.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes that will prevent you from spraining your ankle. Because you might be walking far distances, sensible shoes could save you from bad blisters or even a trip to the emergency room.

When you go out: 

  1. Bring your dorm essentials! Be sure to have your room key & Terrier card to return to your building.
  2. Don’t forget to have your cell phone fully charged.
  3. Come up with a “get-out-of-here” signal with your friends and a meeting spot in case you are separated from one another. This way you have an easy way out of an uncomfortable situation, as well as the assurance that you won’t be left alone while you’re out.
  4. Safe (and consensual) sex is the best sex, so make sure you bring protection. 
  5. Carry some cash for the cab ride home. Single bills are important if you wish to tip the driver.
  6. If you feel unsafe, utilize the blue lights on our campus or contact Escort Security Service at (617) 353-4877. Reference the telephone numbers on the back of your Terrier card as well-- it’s better safe than sorry. 

Hopefully these tips will help you navigate the tricky situations that could arise this Halloweekend. Be safe, sensible, and spooky, and your Halloweekend is sure to be a treat.

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