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Guys Discuss 2016 Trends

It’s no secret that I’m very into fashion. I spend too much time getting dressed in the morning and half of my browsing history is fashion blogs. And while I love them, most of my guy friends just…don’t. That’s not to say that they dress poorly, just that they aren’t so up-to-date on trends, in men’s or women’s fashion.

Because they don’t follow the fashion world, they can cast an almost objective eye on the trends that you and I have loved so much. As the year winds down, let’s look back on our favorite trends and see my guy friends’ fashion advice, confusion, and revulsion.



“I have no strong opinion on chokers, but I’m just unsure where this whole trend came from.” –NC

“What’s the point of a choker? Don’t they restrict your breathing? Don’t they hurt? I literally do not understand the point of these.” –JC

“I just don’t get the point of wearing a small cloth around your neck.” –JR

“Chokers look nice for going out, but not for day-to-day life.” –ZK


Off-the-Shoulder Tops

“I’m uncertain how the off the shoulder top doesn’t just fall off.” –NC

“Love the off the shoulder tops. Looks fierce…classy yet showing off oneself.” –JR

“Off the shoulder tops are good for most informal occasions.” –ZK


Choker Tops

“The choker top must give you some weird tan lines. You’d probably look like Neapolitan ice cream after a day at the beach.” –NC

“Ehh, not that appealing together to me.” –ZK

“While he wasn’t a fan of regular chokers, he liked the thicker choker of the top.” –JR


Suede Over-the-Knee Boots

“From a practical standpoint, I imagine those boots are impractical to move faster than a walk in, and probably smell awful, but they look cool so whatever.” –NC

“Hot, seasonal.” –ZK (not sure if he meant they look hot or would be hot to wear)



“Depends on the cut, but if it’s in season I think it looks good with a jacket.” –ZK

(Apparently no one felt too strongly either way about this classic piece.)


Silk Bomber Jackets

“Glad to see Ed Hardy’s still making clothes nowadays.” –NC

“Fat no on the jacket thing. Just looks downright ridiculous. Even though I was a fan of the Ed Hardy style back in the day, it’s too much.” -JR

“F**k no.” –ZK

(Note to everyone: This is an Alexander McQueen jacket, NOT Ed Hardy.)


While their opinions aren’t going to keep me from wearing chokers anytime soon, it’s always interesting to hear. So I’ll leave you with one semi-perceptive observation from NC:

“I’m noticing an underlying trend in not exposing your neck is ‘in.’ Is there some sort of vampire threat I should be worried about?”

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