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I am back with another playlist, and this week’s edition is all about having a crush. Keep reading for songs all about the exciting, yet anxiety-inducing feeling of crushing on someone.

“pretty boy” by the neighborhood

I want to start this list with one of my top five favorite songs to listen to when I have a crush and/or feelings for someone. The slow instrumental mixed with lead singer Jesse Rutherford’s impressive vocals make this a great song for whenever you find yourself crushing.

“goodnight n go” by ariana grande

This is not only one of my favorite songs about having a crush, but it is also one of my favorite Ariana Grande songs. This track perfectly encapsulates the feeling of liking someone so much that you are annoyed by how you like them.

“delicate” by taylor swift

I am a big fan of reputation and believe that it is a very underrated Taylor album. While this is not one of my favorites off the album, it is a great song for when you are crushing on someone. The lyrics detail the feelings of starting to see someone and the worries that come along with the start of a new relationship.

“butterflies” by kacey musgraves

Kacey Musgraves’s album Golden Hour is one of my favorite albums about love. This specific track is a beautifully written and produced song about getting butterflies for someone new after having been burned in the past.

“feels like” by gracie abrams

I am obsessed with Gracie Abrams’s music. While most of her popular tracks are sad girl songs, this new song of hers is all about meeting the right person at the right time. In this track, Abrams reminisces about different moments of this relationship.

falling for you by jaden and justin bieber

I have recently started listening to Jaden’s music and became very quickly obsessed with this particular song. This track perfectly describes the feeling of young love and the fear of rejection that you have when you’re crushing on someone.

“outta my head” by khalid and john mayer

This track has been one of my most-listened-to songs of all time since it came out. It is one of those songs that I could listen to on repeat for hours (and I have). This song is all about not being able to stop thinking about someone that you have feelings for.

“gold rush” by taylor swift

This song is one of my all-time favorite Taylor Swift songs. It details the feeling of liking someone but knowing that you can never be with that person, and you will just end up hurt. It highlights the overwhelming feeling of having a crush and even plays with the idea of creating made-up scenarios about your crush in your head.

“safety net” by ariana grande and ty Dolla $ign

This track is more of a downer than most of the other songs on this list. In this song, Ariana explains her worries about a new relationship, and how she is scared because she has never felt this way about someone before.

“souvenir” by selena gomez

I do not think Selena’s album Rare got as much credit as it deserves. There are a few tracks off the album that I love, and this is one of them. The song details the addictive nature of a new and budding relationship.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s playlist and add some of these tracks to your own playlists.

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Grace is a sophomore at Boston University. She is studying Public Relations with a minor in Anthropology. Grace is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina.
Ava is a pre-law senior at Boston University studying English with a minor in history. She loves traveling, drinking excessive amounts of hot chocolate, creative writing, and skydiving. You can find her on instagram @avazing !